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Summer League 2018

Halvergate 2 (53) v Wymondham 6 (76) - 16/08/2018

A 2-6 away win at Halvergate has secured second placed in the summer league. The first session saw Neil Davidson, Debbie Sparham and Jack Pye beat Kerry Greenacre, Ryan Fox and Keith Cooke 15-18 in a fairly high scoring game. The Wymondham triple had only won six of the fifteen ends but with them all above singles was enough to see them win. Having lead 3-11 the home side hit back to trail by only two at 9-11 but five shots and a brace picked up on ends eleven and twelve gave the visiting triple an 9-18 lead. Still the home side hung on and on last end were holding at least four shots to try and snatch a point but Jack managed to draw third wood for the win. John Jeffery, Simon Warnes and Chris Mann endured a torrid start in their match against Ray Lamb, Josh Baxter and Robbie Lamb going down 6-0 after two ends. This instantly meant a change for Chris as he put Simon skip in an effort to ignite a comeback which never really materialised. Having still trailed 5-16 Chris now lead the triple and although they had picked up some shots in the closing stages was not enough to threaten. 

The second session saw Neil, Deb and Jack storm into a 12-0 lead after just three ends with a maximum six picked up on the first end. Only three ends were scored by the Halvergate triple who were outplayed for the majority of the match as the Wymondham triple went on to win 29-6. Chris, John and Simon picked up in a similar vein to their first match and found themselves 1-9 down after five ends against Kerry Greenacre, Ryan Fox and Keith Cooke. But then four shots on end six ignited the triple for the first time and all three stepped up their performances. End eight saw five shots picked up by the triple to get them level at 10-10. A three then four on ends eleven and twelve turned the match completely around as the Wymondham triple now lead 18-11 and was enough to see them win. 

Wymondham 5 (53) v Halvergate 3 (48) - 13/08/2018

Pat Saunders, Debbie Sparham and Jack Pye drew 12-12 against Ray Lamb, Josh Baxter and Robbie Lamb. After having made a bright start to lead 5-1 the Wymondham triple could not keep Halvergate down as they replied taking the next four of five ends to lead 6-9. Back came the hosts however and lead 11-10 with two ends remaining but a brace on the penultimate end gave Halvergate the advantage going into the final end. For most of the last end Halvergate held all the basis but an attacking shot by Jack put the jack into the ditch and with him facing at least four shots down with his last bowl drew to the line to take shot and claim a hard fought draw. John Jeffery, Simon Warnes and Chris Mann beat Kerry Greenacre, David Knights and Keith Cooke 16-11. With the home side having won two thirds of the ends the final result should have been a big winning margin but some slack play scattered through the match by all three players kept Halvergate in it. Having lead 6-1 a dropped three on end five then a dropped five on end ten saw the visitors trail by only one at 11-10. A solid last five ends however got Wymondham over the line. 

The second session saw a similar performance from Jeffery, Warnes and Mann as they again conceded just five ends. Having lead 11-2 again a slip in play saw the Halvergate triple now skipped by Josh Baxter take back to back three's to trail by just three at 11-8. Simon improved his perfomance at two and some good play by Chris squeezed their opponents out but again were made to work for their win. Saunders, Sparham and Pye lost 11-16 in what was an improved performance from the Halvergate triple with David Knights frustrating the Wymondham triple as they sweeped into a 1-7 lead. The home triple clawed their way back to trail 9-10 but a dropped four the very next end undone their work and from their the visitors saw out the match well with Keith playing a controlled game at skip. 

Bob Carter 6 (59) v Wymondham 2 (52) - 10/07/2018

The first session on mat 1 saw Debbie Sparham, Simon Warnes and Jack Pye lose to John Turner, Jason Woods and David Lamb 8-14. For most of the match the Wymondham triple were on the back foot having only won one of the first six ends to trail 3-7 but had got themselves within touching distance at 7-9 with three ends to go but a dropped three and brace ended their hopes of getting anything. On mat 2 Jon Sparham, John Jeffery and Chris Mann lost 14-15 to Nigel Wilard, Jamie Forster and Melly Woods. A slow start was made by both triples but Wymondham took the initaitve to lead 9-6 after six ends. The carter triple failed to get stranghold of the match and trailed 14-10 with just two ends remaining. An attacking wood by Melly on the fourtenth end somehow produced three shots from a strong Wymondham head then the last end produced some nervy bowls with no Carter woods actually on the mat when the skips came to bowl. Melly had managed to get two shots but with at least two foot to draw near the back of the mat Chris' bowl agonisingly broke the line with the bowl failing to rest inside and gave Carter the win which had looked very unlikely. 

The second session saw the triples unchanged as Jack Pye beat Melly Woods 16-13. A much brighter game from Debbie, Simon and Jack saw them lead 10-4 after seven ends but Carter hit back with a 3,1,3 to lead 10-11. The reply from Wymondham saw them take the lead once again as a 2,2,1 gave them a 15-11 lead with two ends remaining. The last end yet again looked like Carter might get something out of the match but Simon came in after Jamie's fourth bowl had given Wymondham a way in to get shot wood which effectively gave them a much deserved win. On mat 2 Chris Mann lost to David Lamb 14-17. It was another familiar story on the night with Jon, John and Chris playing well enough to have salvaged something but again came away with nothing. Trailing 1-6 after five ends Jon went to two which had improved the triples play and saw them turn the match around leading 14-11 after winning five of the last seven ends by 13-5. But yet again the closing stages of the match proved to be the undoing of the triple after David Lamb had played some brilliant draws to the line throughout the match, his performance stood out. After dropping a single and brace the match was level at 14-14 going into the last end. With positive woods being sent down the jack was eventually picked up by Jason Woods but was not killed. Facing three down and the jack only millimeters from being dead there was little hope of geting shot and eventually Carter won 14-17. 

Wymondham 8 (86) v Forncett 0 (32) - 02/07/2018

Debbie Sparham, Simon Warnes and Jack Pye beat A. Coleman, B. Preece and T. Ottelwell 22-7. A slow start from the home team saw the sides level at 2-2 after four ends but a 3,4,4 over the next five ends saw them open up an eight shot lead at 13-5. Tony again had a good performance at skip for Forncett playing some wonderful shots but could not do this all the time as a 3,3,2 saw the Wymondham triple surge ahead to lead 21-6 with two ends remaining. Mary Fisher, John Jeffery and Chris Mann beat M. Smail, J. Bell and L. Preece 28-7. This was a solid performance from the home side and although Forncett found themselves unlucky a few times they consistantly could not casuse enough problems. A five then four on ends six and seven put the match to bed early on with the score 17-3. 

The second half saw Hayley Osbourne, John Jeffery and Chris Mann beat G. Coleman, M. Humphreys and R. Humphreys 20-8. Two unfortunate fives conceded by Forncett saw them trail 17-1 after seven ends which prompted Martin to go skip which made a positive impact and actually saw them win the remaining eight ends 3-7. Jack Marshall, Debbie Sparham and Jack Pye beat M. Smail, J. Smail and P. Lock 16-10. The home triple swept into a 16-1 lead after nine ends but then came up against a resilient Forncett in closing ends as they conceded nine shots without reply to give the triple a very respectful scoreline. 

Forncett 0 (25) v Wymondham 8 (88) - 20/06/2018

Pat Saunders, Debbie Sparham and Jack Pye were trailing 11-8 with just three ends remaining but rallied to take the last three ends by 2,1,1 to snatch an 11-12 victory. Keith Humphreys, Gill Coleman and Tony Ottewell had played well and would have been good value for a point but Tony Ottewell's last wood of the match looked good when he played a split to run through but just came up short to see a much relieved Wymondham triple. Brian Saunders and John Jeffery had a two solid performances and left Chris Mann with little to do in both match's as they won 28-4 and 23-2. Pat, Debbie and Jack played much better in their second match against Mike Smail, Martin Humphreys and Peter Lock as they came out 25-8 winners. 

Watton 0 (31) v Wymondham 8 (79) - 15/06/2018

Steve Easter, Simon Warnes and Chris Mann won their match's by 26-3 and 16-6 with Steve Easter steering the triple at lead to what turned out to be two comfortable wins with Simon and Chris giving good support when needed. Jack Marshall, Debbie Sparham and Jack Pye had mixed performances over their two match's, on the trickier of the two mats, but two fives scored in their first match got them over the line to win 19-12 against Malcolm Southgate's triple. Their second match was also close up till the twelth end where another five shots saw them eventually win 18-10 against Daphne Braham's triple. The first major challenge of this campaign will be when the club visit newly promoted Forncett next Wednesday.

Wymondham 8 (114) v Watton 0 (22) - 21/05/2018

Pat Saunders, Debbie Sparham and Jack Pye won 29-7 while Brian Saunders, John Jeffery and Chris Mann won 30-4. After the break Hayley Stratton replaced Brian Saunders at lead with John and Chris as they won 20-9. Jack Marshall made his welcome debut and certainly impressed with Debbie and Jack as they reeled off a huge 35-2 win to leave Watton already cut adrift at the bottom. This was a good but expected start for new captain Jack Pye but with players like Mark Linsdell and Jon Sparham not playing this summer Bob Carter will still be the team to beat with their dominate performance at Watton already.


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