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Breckland League 2018/19
Wymondham 10 (96) v Carleton Rode 0 (46) - 12/11/2018

The first session saw Brian Saunders, Jack Marshall and Jack Pye storm to a 27-12 win over A. Biddulph, A. Bond and N. Davidson. The home triple quickly adapted better to the mats and raced into a 21-0 lead after eleven ends. The Rode triple came back into it late on to reduce the arrears but were well beaten. On mat 2 Roger Steele, John Jeffery and Jon Sparham beat M. Taylor, D. Blundell and T. Taylor 24-14. This was another solid performance but Jon had admitted he did not play as well as he could of but still managed to keep the Rode triple at bay. Ends two to six produced twelve shots and although the Rode triple replied Wymondham hit back winning more ends and with a brace and four over the last two ends put a gloss on the scoreline. 

Second session saw Pat Saunders, Mark Linsdell and Debbie Sparham beat G. Atter, K. Buck and G. Mobbs 20-11. The home triple could not settle against a stubborn Rode triple who played well early on, epsecially Graham at skip as they lead 5-8 after nine ends. This prompted a change as Deb was struggling to grasp the lines at times and made a positive impact at two with Mark now skip they won the next six ends to lead 18-10 with three ends remaining and taked the game away from the Rode triple. On mat 2 Steve Easter, Melvyn Barker and Chris Mann beat J. Pinchen, K. Newby and T. Newby 25-9. This was a solid perofrmance from the home triple who after a dropped three and brace on ends six and seven which saw the score at 9-8, the triple then reeled off the next seven ends to lead 21-9 with just four ends remaining for a strong win. 

Wymondham 10 (123) v Connaught B 0 (32) - 15/10/2018
The first session saw Mary Fisher, Melvyn Barker and Chris Mann beat A. Marshall, J. Hazell and D. Flatt 30-8. The scoreline shows a one sided win but the home triples performance was far from polished and lacked consistancy throughout. It has to be noted that Connaught's lead Alan Marshall is now not the most agile and did well to his credit but it did put pressure on his triple at times. It was more a case of Connaught missing rather than Wymondham hitting which produced the gulf in scoreline. On mat 2 Billie Barker, John Jeffery and Jon Sparham beat T. Burt, J. Squire and P. King 42-7. This was a bruising scoreline from Billie, John and Jon who, for most the match, outplayed their oppositte number and raced into a 15-0 lead after just three ends. Ex Wymondham player Peter King at skip for Connaught had a tough match with little support at times but did well to try and limit the damage. 

Second session saw Pat Saunders, Laura Hawksworth and Debbie Sparham beat M. Eades, J. Barnes and J. Winup 22-5. In the early exhanges Laura and her opposite number had an entertaining encounter with both jostling for position which in the end Laura had gotten the better of as the home side went ahead after trailing 0-2 to then lead 10-2 after winning seven straight ends. Debbie had the edge over John at skip through most of the match as Pat grew stronger as the game wore on at lead. A flurry of shots from ends thirteen to seventeen gave Pat, Laura and Deb a deserved and healthy seventeen shot win. On mat 2 Hayley Osbourne, Steve Easter and Mark Linsdell beat M. Marlow, A. Rush and M. Minshull 29-12. Connaught made a bright start to lead 1-6 after three ends but the reply from Hayley, Steve and Mark was just what was expected as they scored 4,2,2,3 to take a commanding 12-6 lead. This was no doubt the best performing Connaught triple on the night and asked questions of Wymondham on numerous occasions but the home triple held firm and again finished strong to put a gloss on the result picking up eleven shots over the last four ends. 

Connaught A 2 (39) v Wymondham 8 (86) - 10/10/2018

he first session saw Steve Easter, Brian Saunders and Jack Pye beat Di. Quadling, D. Quadling and S. Bragg 28-4. This was as good a performance from a Wymondham triple at Connaught there has possibly been against a well experienced triple. The first six ends started well to see the triple 7-0 up with Jack dictating the play most of the way through. Ends eight to fifteen saw twenty shots racked up with no reply as Steve and Brian certainly played their part as well but Jack's play was clinical and gave Shelia a torrid time throughout with the Connaught triple only able to score on three ends and two of them came late on ends sixteen and eighteen. On mat 2 Billie Barker, John Jeffery and Jon Sparham beat P. Hambling, D. Liles and O. Secker 23-13. This was a solid win by Billie, John and Jon who all played a part in the win with Jon at skip producing good shots at various times. Nine of the eleven ends scored were by more than one shot and after eleven ends had opened up a 14-6 lead. Three more braces were scored over three of the last four ends to secure the win and gave a healthy thrity four shot lead at half time.  

Second half saw Pat Saunders, Mark Linsdell and Debbie Sparham lose 14-15 to B. Adcock, S. Parsons and L. Fallows. Neither triple managed to build a big enough lead to protect as both had various periods of good play. The Connaught triple played marginally the better and could not be denied the win that was eventually won on a last end measure. Having only won seven out the eighteen ends Pat, Mark and Deb played ok but probably not consistantly enough to win but this was also down to the good Connaught play and pressure. On mat 2 Hayley Osbourne, Melvyn Barker and Chris Mann beat E. Oatway, M. Parsons and B. Oatway 21-7. Five shots picked up on end two gave Hayley, Melvyn and Chris a terrific start and platform to build on. Hayley and Melvyn combined well and made life difficult most of the time for Connaught and with Chris in good form made sure Bob had to play his very best to keep his triple in the match. This did not quite happen as the Wymondham triple continually made life hard and in the end Connaught only scored of six ends for another strong win.

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