Wymondham short mat bowls club was first established on February 11th, 1989 and started out with 28 members. They were origanally placed at North Wymondham Community Centre where they had been for 15 years. They have then moved to there present location Ketts Park Community Centre on the 13th of September 2003. The clubs first A.G.M was on the 15th of September 1989 and had 36 members with 24 of those playing in the Breckland league.

Wymondham entered into league 2 (Breckland league) in the 1989/90 season with six other clubs as they finished 4th. The Breckland league has a seen a number of teams come and go over it's 19+ year history including Co Co Dereham, Horsford, Mulbarton, E. Tuddenham and Shipdham some of these clubs have moved to different leagues respectively or no longer exsist. The 95/96 season saw the leagues biggest attendance for clubs with 13, these included Carlton Rode, Coco Dereham, Banham, Shipdham, Mulbarton, Connaught "A" and "B", Forncett, Yaxham, Wayland, Harling, Watton and Wymondham. Wymondham never really competed for the league in the beggining season's, finishing most of them in the bottom half. But with the team strengthening in recent seasons, this has seen them regularly reaching the top three.
Mr J. Wadman was the man who started to set up the club and was voted the first life President of the club and Chairman but retired from the post just over a year later. C. Neave was Hon. Secretatry from 1991-1995, taking over from Mrs J. Wadman, he also became Chairman from 1995 till 1996 but had to give up due to ill health but became secretary once more in 1999. Robert Mapes was on the committee at the start who also did a lot for the club when it was first established, like setting up all the internal competitions etc. During his 8-9 years with the club he became Chairman from 1990-1995 and then secretary from 1995-1997 he then left for his other interest and actitvities. He then made a brief comeback from 1999-2003. There have been many captains over the years for Wymondham which even saw four in three season's from 1995-97 when Mr. Ken Read retired and had  taken over from Mr. David Harper. In 1996 this saw Mr Harper stand down and saw Mr. L. Thurston elected. On the A.G.M of 13th April 1997 Mr. T. Musk was elected as captain but did not even take charge of a league game as he resigned on the 12 August 1997 and then went onto play for Connaught along with his wife C. Musk. Derek Clark then took over as captain till 2001. The treasure's posistion was held by M. Head from 1989-2001. She had a done a brilliant job for the club in that time and then became captain in 2002 but resigned on 14th Feb 1993 and later on joined Connaught along with L. Thurston. Mrs M. Taylor is now the Secretary of the club as from April 2003 to the present day. A. Wood took over from M. Taylor as treasurer in August 2003 to the present day and S. Phillips took over the captaincy from P. King in 2004 and has continued to serve to the present day as well.
Wymondham had four very encourging young players when they joined in 2001/2. Chris Mann was the first to join by his uncle E.Tolver, who had both firstly played Carpet Bowls at Spooner Row. Sam Knights, Matthew Adams and Gavin Shepeard all joined from Chris who told them about it. In there first year of internal comps Gavin came runner up in the singles, Sam came runners up in the pairs and triples while Matthew won his first triples title. Chris who is now a well established county bowler will imagine what the other three could of become aswell, while Gavin went off to play Ruby for Wymondham and Sam and Matthew who became dis-interested with the sport for just over a year.

WSMBC history

Above were the four junior members of the club in 2001
(left to right) Matthew Adams, Gavin Shepeard,
Sam Knights and Chris Mann (still playing) 

Also pictured in the same year at the old North Wymondham Community Centre
from left to right are E. Tolver, R. Mapes, D. Clark, J. Kent, D. Phillips, Joan,
G. Shepeard, M. Adams, L. Thurston, C. Neave, M. Taylor and M. Head

Long standing members Eddie Tolver, Molly Plumstead and John Kent have now sadly past away. Between them they racked up over 30 years playing for the club and won many internal competitions. They will both be sadly missed. Recent member T. Archer has now also sadly passed away and wife Sylvia still bowls with the club who both joined from Diss S.M.B.C back in early 2007.

Picture below is the first photo to be taken of the club when they entered into the old league 2 (Breckland) back in 1989.
(Left to right) J. Spooner, G. Warman, J. Kent, E. Howlett, R. Brown, G. New, L. Wigby (Captain),
G. Warman, G. Brown, V. Wigby, V. Howlett, S. Read, M. Head.
                  wsmbc 1989