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Breckland League 2017/18
Shropham 0 (47) v Wymondham 10 (82) - 27/03/2018
On mat 1 Mary Fisher, Melvyn Barker and Chris Mann won 27-9 but on mat 2 Roger Steele, Brian Saunders and Mark Linsdell were involved in a tight match against M. Chapman, T. Cursley and R. Broad with Mark's last bowl finally deciding the ouctcome to win 15-13. The triple had trailed 11-13 with three ends to go but a 1,1,2 got the triple over the line. On mat 3 Hayley Stratton, Pat Saunders and Debbie Sparham won 17-10 but the Shropham triple had only trailed 13-10 with three ends to go. On mat 4 Jon Sparham, Billie Barker and John Jeffery won 23-15 to seal the 10-0 win and another season that saw the club achieve eleven maximum wins. 
Wymondham 10 (103) v Banham 0 (25) - 19/03/2018
Andrew Jackson, Melvyn Barker and Chris Mann led the way on the night with a 34-2 win while Pat Saunders, John Jeffery and Mark Linsdell won 29-11. Mary Fisher, Brian Saunders and Jack Pye produced a 21-6 win in the second half with Billie Barker, Debbie Sparham and Jon Sparham adding a 19-6 result for another strong home win.
Carleton Rode 4 v Wymondham 6 - 16/03/2018
With eight points needed to win the league against Carleton Rode with two games to spare it took a spirited second half to snatch a 6-4 win at a venue that has not offered many points in recent seasons. The first half saw two match's that just got away from Wymondham as Pat Saunders, Mark Linsdell and Debbie Sparham lost 14-18 to J, Davidson, M. Newby and R. Davidson as the last seven ends saw them go down 2-7. Roger Steele, Brian Saunders and Jack Pye came back well from 6-16 down to lose by just 15-18 to A. Biddulph, A. Bond and N. Davidson to give the club hope of a win. This was achieved mostly by Billie Barker, John Jeffery and Jon Sparham who beat M. Taylor, G. Coleman and K. Newby 26-9 while Hayley Stratton, Melvyn Barker and Chris Mann overcame K. Buck, T. Taylor and G. Mobbs in a high scoring match. This now means two points at home to Banham will clinch the league. 
Wymondham 10 (124) v Connaught B 0 (24) - 12/03/2018
The first session saw Billie Barker, John Jeffery and Jon Sparham cruise to a 34-4 win while Mary Fisher, Melvyn Barker and Chris Mann added a 24-7 win. The sesond session saw Roger Steele, Brian Saunders and Jack Pye in great form recording a massive 41-7 result as Pat Saunders, Mark Linsdell and Debbie Sparham put in a 25-6 win.
Wymondham 10 (125) v Forncett 0 (33) - 19/02/2018
Billie Barker, John Jeffery and Jon Sparham won 23-11 while Roger Steele, Brian Saunders and Jack Pye secured the biggest win of the night by 42-7. Second session saw Pat Saunders, Mark Linsdell and Debbie Sparham win 32-5 with Hayley Stratton, Melvyn Barker and Chris Mann adding a 28-10 result.
Harling Griffins 0 (49) v Wymondham 10 (90) - 07/02/2018

The first session saw P. Saunders, L. Hawksworth and D. Sparham beat J. Deathridge, J. Hayman and G. Hume 18-10. Up till end eleven the score was 8-6 with both triples not consistant enough to take the match but in the later stages Wymondham took the initiative scoring three three's in the remaining seven ends while Harling had only scored on seven ends in the entire match. This was a good performance from all three ladies who grew into the match. On mat 2 M. Fisher, M. Linsdell and C. Mann beat V. Easter, G. Hume and S. Easter 29-14. A  comeback by the Harling triple saw them pick up seven shots over three ends to see them trail 14-11 but the remaining six ends saw the Wymondham triple amass fourteen shots to see them ease to victory. Mark was by far the most consistant player in the match playing a range of good attacking and drawing shots to break up any Harling play.

Second session saw L. Swann, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat I. Smith, L. Deathridge and C. Hayman 22-10. This was a steady performance from all three Wymondham players who restricted Harling to scoring on six ends. A dropped five on end fourteen was the only blip in the match but had no real bearing on the outcome then. On mat 2 A. Jackson, B. Saunders and J. Pye beat C. Newman, V. Smith and G. Cody 21-15. The same mat produced another high scoring match as Harling pushed Wymondham partly due to inconsistant play. A dropped five and brace saw the home triple take a 10-12 lead at the half way stage but four crucial ends followed to see Wymondham regain control leading 19-12. Jack once again played solidly to keep his triple in it with the second half of the match seeing Harling only scoring on three ends. Andrew Jackson made a welcome rerurn to the club after a near two year absence. 

Wymondham 8 (90) v Harling Unicorns 2 (46) - 22/01/2018

The first session saw M. Fisher, M. Barker and C. Mann beat L. Chilvers, N. Battley and R. Braham 25-10. Harling made the brighter start but somehow found themselves 7-1 down. Their play was rewarded when they came back to trail 7-5 but the next four ends all went Wymondham's way for a 15-5 lead which was seen through. Chris kept the triple in front with Melvyn and Mary both playing their part throughout. On mat 2 P. Saunders, L. Hawksworth and D. Sparham lost 12-15 to Mo. Tarrant, D. Braham and M. Tarrant. On reflection this was a deserved win for Harling who caught the Wymondham triple on an off night as the consistancy was lacking but this was partly due to the well balanced play from Mo, Daphne and Mick. Quite often Deb would find herself facing difficult heads to try and get a result from and often did not. Three shots on end thirteen proved the pivotal end and gave Harling an 8-12 lead which they held on to. 

Second session R. Steele, B. Saunders and M. Linsdell cruised to a 32-5 win against G. Messent, K. Hessent and E. Jones. As the result shows a good display from Roger, Brian and Mark who were 30-2 up with three ends remaining. On mat 2 B. Barker, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat V. Hester, C. Jones and N. Cunningham 21-16. Billie, John and Jon made a good start to lead 5-0 but after that a good battle ensued between the two triples. The Harling skip was causing damage like he had done in the past and when they picked up four shots on end eleven they lead for the first time at 10-11. However end fourteen proved fatal for the Harling triple after playing well they dropped five shots to give the home triple an 18-13 lead which they protected for another match that could of gone either way.

Hingham 0 (47) v Wymondham 10 (82)

R. Steele, B. Saunders and J. Pye beat W. Tweed, C. Harris and K. Thomas. It was not a great performance from the Wymondham triple who had Jack to thank for keeping his triple in the hunt as they trailed for most of the second period of the match. Up till end thirteen the away triple only picked up singles but it was enough to only see them trail 7-8. With the score 9-11 going into the last end and with Jack having last wood he needed to produce the bowl of the match to win and he produced it taking out Hingham's bowls to hold four, with all three Hingham players looking dejected thinking they had done enough to win and on another night they probably would have. On mat 2 P. Saunders, M. Linsdell and D. Sparham beat P. Roache, C. Short and J. Higgs 25-9. This was the best result and performance of the night as Hingham could only score singles on six of the seven ends they won. Three fours picked up by Pat, Mark and Deb over the course of the match gave them a healthy win although again the players felt they had struggled somewhat. 

Second session saw B. Barker, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat W. Townsend, J. Roache and M. White 24-17. This match had a feel to it not so different to Connaught where the opposition played well and had ends where they looked to seize the initiative but Jon again produced game saving bowls having seen his triple make a disastrous start to trail 0-7 after just two ends. They then won six of the next seven ends to lead 11-8 after nine ends. There were at least two ends in the match where Hingham held five shots and they had picked up that amount on end twelve and followed that up with a brace to see them lead 13-16 with five ends remaining. Jon had taken the jack off three times in the match as the game went past 11pm and the longevity of the match swayed in Wymondham's favour as Billie, John and Jon rallied to see them pick up a 1,3,3,4 over the remaining five ends to see them snatch a high scoring match away from Hingham again. On mat 2 M. Fisher, M. Barker and C. Mann beat C. Powell, G. Wilcox and G. Tweed 20-10. The scoreline shows what looks to be a fairly comfortable win for Wymondham but again they made hard work of it and relied on Hingham missing chances. Having won six of the first seven ends Hingham lead 3-7 with Chris bordering on whether to change positions but having waitied a couple more ends in an eighteen end match proved in the end the right decision albeit lucky at times. Four of the next five ends went in their favour to see them lead 9-8 but simmilar to Jon's match the triple enjoyed their beat spell at the end captalising on good play to see them pick up a 4,5,2 over the last four ends. 

Connaught A 0 (36) v Wymondham 10 (67) - 10/01/2018

The first session saw B. Barker, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat M. Parsons, D. Liles and R. Harrison 15-10. For the majority of ends the Wymondham triple looked the more likely to take control of the match and over ends seven to ten picking up seven shots saw them lead 10-6. There were a couple of ends in the match were Connaught threatened to pick up big counts but Jon's last bowl saved the day twice as they only dropped singles. Although both sides scored nine ends a piece only a brace on the first end by Connaught was the only score over one they managed. On mat 2 R. Steele, B. Saunders and J. Pye beat B. Adcock, S. Parsons and B. Oatway 14-11. In a simmilar match Wymondham had the upper hand as the match wore on but only held a slim lead throughout as the scoreline shows. Both triples were inconsistent which made the match tight but the last six ends saw Wymondham pick up six shots to Connaught's three for a good hard fought win. 

Second session saw M. Fisher, M. Barker and C. Mann beat Di. Quadling, R. Taylor and J. Li-Rocchi 23-9. Mary had a very steady match at lead and was back to what she can play like when concentrating. This gave Mel and Chris license to play more freely and were in control of the match throughout leading 7-1 after five ends then 17-4 after eleven ends. On mat 2 P. Saunders, M. Linsdell and D. Sparham beat D. Quadling, J. Marshall and L. Fallows. A strong start by the Wymondham triple saw them lead 10-1 after nine ends but had seen some shots go against Connaught. Jack Marshall went skip to try and salvage the match but Pat, Mark and Deb played tightly and made it difficult and in the end ran out winners restricting Connaught to singles throughout. 

Wymondham 8 (78) v Connaught A 2 (49) - 11/12/2017
The first session saw R. Steele, B. Saunders and J. Pye beat Di. Quadling, B. Adcock and J. Li-Rocchi 22-10. The Connaught triple put up a good battle but found Roger, Brian and Jack in good form. After leading 11-2 after seven ends a brief reply saw Connaught trail by just four at 11-7 but a three and single gave them an eight shot lead with a third of the match remaining. Three shots picked up for Connaught again gave them hope but after this it was all Wymondham who reeled off five ends 7-0 to close out the match. On mat 2 J. Pinchen, M. Barker and C. Mann beat M. Parsons, D. Liles and S. Bragg 22-11. Janet Pinchen made her debut for the club this season with players sick or injured currently and made a positive impact while Melvyn had his best performance of the season so far. It was only Shelia Bragg for most of the times that kept the Connaught triple in it early on as half way through the match they trailed by just 9-7. In a freak scoring pattern, the home triple only scored either braces or three's with 5 x 2 and 4 x 3 scored over the eighteen ends. From ends 10 to 14 the damage was done with ten shots scored to just the single from Connaught giving Wymondham a 19-8 lead which the Connaught triple never recovered from. 

Second session saw B. Barker, M. Linsdell and D. Sparham beat D. Adcock, S. Parsons and B. Oatway 23-8. This was the best score of the night by Billie, Mark and Deb as after a tricky opening period which saw them only lead 8-6 after eight ends they then managed to keep the scoreboard ticking over in the closing ends. It was after leading 8-6 that the Connaught triple never scored again till the final end of the match as they saw the home triple rack up fifteen shots to lead 23-6. After last week's result and a change in personel this triple looked more solid and the scoreline showed it. On mat 2 M. Fisher, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham lost 11-20 to P. Hambling, J. Marshall and L. Fallows. This was a complete performance from the Connaught triple who concentrated throughout and thoroughly deserved the win. Ater leading 0-7 after five ends, it was already looking bleak from a Wymondham perspective. Mary had what can only be described as a disastrous game at lead as concentration was not there for the most and put massive pressure on John and Jon against this calibre of opponent to try and create something special nearly every end. Mary has performed well for most of this season so far but these performances still creep in now and again. Six shots dropped on end ten was the final nail in the coffin and the result could of been even worse if Jon had not gone to two in order to try and change things which did provide seven shots.  

Harling Unicorns 2 (55) v Wymondham 8 (66) - 06/12/2017

A 24-7 win for Harling Unicorns L. Chilvers, N. Battley and R. Braham looked to have given them the upper hand going into the second session with a twelve shot lead after M. Fisher, M. Barker and C. Mann had beaten M. Tarrant, D. Braham and M. Tarrant 15-10 in the first half. But second half wins for B. Barker, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham winning 20-11 against G. Messent, M. Baker and E. Jones and a 24-10 win for I. Lowe, B. Saunders and J. Pye against V. Hester, C. Jones and M. Cunningham saw them through to an 8-2 win. Roger Braham was in sparkling form for Harling and backed up well by his lead and second gave R. Steele, L. Hawksworth and D. Sparham problems all game. Having lead 6-3 their lead soon evapourated as the remaining ten ends the home side scored 21 shots without reply. The match saw the Wymondham triple not play badly but in bowls these match's happen. Mary, Melvyn and Chris started well in their match as they lead 10-2 after eight ends but when Harling improved Chris often found himslef having to consolidate as the home side got the score back to witihn three going into the last end. Chris was facing three down but with his last bowl played an accurate split to take a brace to win. Second session saw a comeback by Billie, John and Jon who found themselves 2-7 down but rallied well to win six of the next seven ends 14-2 to lead 16-9 as Jon's performance again was solid. Irma, Brian and Jack played the most solidly to record a helathy 24-10 victory with Harling only managing to score on five of the eighteen ends. End nine proved to be the most damaging to Harling as five shots picked up gave Wymondham a 15-4 lead.

Wymondham 8 (90) v Hingham 2 (43) - 04/12/2017
R. Steele, B. Saunders and J. Pye beat P. Roache, J. Higgs and J. Higgs 30-8. This was a comfortable victory for Roger, Brian and Jack who played confidently as ends eleven and twelve saw them score back to back fives to put clear daylight between the two sides at 22-6. On mat 2 B. Barker, L. Hawksworth and J. Sparham beat J. Hunter, P. Groombridge and M. White 19-11. This match proved to be a match for the skips as both had work to do throughout. Hingham took an early 3-4 lead with Michael White playing some good shots to keep his triple in it, he continued to cause problems for Wymondham but four shots on end five had given the home triple a lead to work with. Jon played solidly to restrict Hingham to no more than singles and braces thorugh the eighteen ends. Billie and Laura came back into the match late on where they scored on five of the remaining seven ends by 9-3 to see them winning by eight shots for a hard fought win. The second session saw H. Stratton, M. Barker and D. Sparham lose to W. Tweed, G. Wilcox and K. Thomas 14-17. With Pat and Mark currently out of the team Hayley was also struggling with a back problem but vowed to play on but will definately be out for Wednesday night. This is to take nothing away from the Hingham triple who played well and gave very little away. Three and five shots picked up by them early on gave them a 3-10 lead after six ends. The home triple battled and reduced the lead to 9-12 after twelve ends but another good spell by Hingham saw them pick up six shots over five ends to lead 9-17 with three ends to play. Although Wymondham battled to pick up a 2,1,2 it was not enough to deny Hingham a deserved win. On mat 2 M. Fisher, J. Jeffery and C. Mann beat W. Townsend, G. Tweed and M. Hunter 27-7. The result shows another comfortable win but early on with the score at 7-5 Hingham had threatened to make a game of it but some loose ends had cost them later on with a couple of fours picked up by the home triple. John and Chris steered Wymondham home to a solid win in the end. 
Wymondham 10 (109) v Harling Griffin 0 (35) - 20/11/2017
The first session saw R. Steele, M. Barker and J. Pye beat V. Easter, G. Hume and S. Easter 32-8. With Steve Easter having been coming to almost every roll up in the summer and autumn months improving his game and technique this was expected to be a tightish affair but apart from a few good woods he had a lot to do with Roger on good form at lead for the home side ran home comfortable victors. J. Sparham, L. Hawksworth and D. Sparham beat J. Deathridge, D. Hunt and L. Deathridge 24-7. With two new players to league bowls in the Harling triple they coped very well considering what a baptism of fire the fixture could of potentially been and what could of been a much heavier score they only had one end where they conceded more than a brace. The second session B. Barker, J. Jeffery and M. Linsdell beat V. Smith, C. Newman and G. Cody 31-7 while H. Stratton, M. Fisher and C. Mann beat B. Murphy, J. Hayman and C. Hayman won 22-13. 
Forncett 0 (41) v Wymondham 10 (111) - 15/11/2017
H. Stratton, M. Fisher and C. Mann won 26-14 and J. Sparham, L. Hawksworth and D. Sparham cruised to a 38-6 win with the triple already 14-0 up after just three ends. The second session provided wins of 26-12 and 21-9 by R. Steele, M. Barker, J. Pye and B. Barker, J. Jeffery and M. Linsdell. 
Wymondham 10 (103) v Shropham 0 (36) - 13/11/2017
First session wins saw B. Barker, M. Fisher and C. Mann win 28-11 while H. Stratton, J. Jeffery and J. Pye put in a 29-9 victory. Second saw saw R. Steele, L. Hawksworth and D. Sparham win 22-3 and L. Swann, M. Barker and M. Linsdell win 24-13.
Connaught B 1 (41) v Wymondham 9 (96)

The first session started brilliantly with B. Barker, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beating M. Eades, J. Hazell and J. Knox 28-11. Billie, John and Jon cruised into a 14-1 lead after seven ends and although Connaught picked up three braces in succession this was not enough to derail the triple as they responded with a four and five to seal the win. On mat 2 R. Steele, B. Saunders and J. Pye ran home thirty five shots to three in a massive win for the triple. The second session was not as convincing as on mat 1 H. Stratton, M. Linsdell and C. Mann beat P. Benefer, S. Barclay and J. Winup 17-11. If it were not for Hayley's performance at lead early on, this match could of gone either way. Protecting a 14-6 lead after thirteen ends, Connaught's lead then started to play much better and then the pressure was on Mark and Chris but they did just enough to hold off the Connaught triple with John Winup the biggest threat. A brace picked up on end seventeen took the pressure off going into the last end 16-11 up. On mat 2 P. Saunders, M. Barker and D. Sparham drew 16-16 against M. Marlow, J. Squire and D. Flatt. After going 8-0 up after five ends and further increasing their lead 14-3 after twelve ends it seems inconceivable that Pat, Melvyn and Deb managed to drop thirteen shots over the last six ends when before that the Connaught triple had only managed to score three shots over twelve. The last end saw Connaught holding three shots and with their skip drawing in a fourth Deb was under pressure and with both her woods only just getting over the dead line it gave their skip an oppourtunity for five shots which he duly took in what was a massive shock and disappointment to the Wymondham triple. 

Wymondham 10 (91) v Carleton Rode 0 (39) - 23/10/2017
First session on mat one saw R. Steele, B. Saunders and J. Pye beat J. Davidson, G. Atter and R. Davidson 31-9. This was the only match that was fairly straight forward with the home triple going 9-1 up after four ends. A dropped four on end five however was quickly rectified with a four on end six. Another four shots picked up on end nine further increased Wymondham's lead to 20-5 after nine ends. Roger had a strong match at lead and made the life easier for Brian and Jack but all played well when they needed to for a good team performance as the Rode triple only scored on five ends. On mat 2 M. Fisher, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat A. Biddulph, A. Bond and N. Davidson 18-6. The opening exchanges saw the Wymondham triple start better but Neil at skip for Rode was doing in a good job in containing the shots and producing as well as they lead 2-4 after six ends. But Mary and John were playing the better bowls throughout and the consistancy started to show with them picking up ten shots over seven ends without reply to lead 12-4. Jon also played well at skip keeping the pressure on Neil as the Rode triple in the end only won five ends. 

Second session on mat 1 saw P. Saunders, M. Barker and D. Sparham beat G. Coleman, K. Newby and T. Newby 16-13. The Rode triple started the brighter and caught the Wymondham triple cold early on to lead 2-7 after four ends. But a string of braces over a period of five ends saw the home triple lead for the first time at 10-8 after nine ends. End fifteen saw two great draws to the line by Deb to see Wymondham's lead increase to 15-10 with three ends remaining. After a slow start Deb came into her own in the closing stages producing some match saving woods as the Rode triple looked to seize the initiative and this was again the case in the last end with Rode 16-12 down and holding what looked like four shots Deb managed to draw up alongside their front woods but it was not known whereabouts it was in the count. Terry tried to play a plant on their bowl to edge the only one Wymondham bowl out the head, but having got too tight manged to the plant their bowl onto jack which rolled out to the side meaning they only held one shot much to the relief of the Wymondham triple. On mat 2 H. Stratton, M. Linsdell and C. Mann beat P. Rush, K. Buck and G. Mobbs 26-11. What looks to be an easy win was far from it early on as Graham played well early on for the Rode to see them lead 3-8 after eight ends. But two wayward bowls on end nine by Mobbs meant Chris had to just take out the only Rode bowl in the head which he did for three shots. From there the confidence was back in the triple and with Hayley playing well at lead and Mark and Chris finally coming into the match it was one way traffic as 23 shots over the last ten ends meant a solid win in the end. 

Banham 7 (79) v Wymondham 3 (66) - 04/10/17
On mat 1 P. Saunders, L. Swann and M. Barker lost 11-27 to V. Hambling, R. Dunning and W. Hoggan. The Banham triple were in command of this match from the off after opening a 1-8 lead after five ends. A brace and single by the Wymondham triple looked to bring them into the match but Banham replied with a 4,3,2 as they lead 4-17 after ten ends. Will Hoggan lead his triple well at skip and gave very little away, Pat, Lauren and Melvyn battled and had produced an array of good woods but Will was in good form with the end result maybe a bit harsh on the Wymondham triple. On mat 2 H. Stratton, B. Saunders and L. Hawksworth lost 18-19 to S. Goody, P. Bertram and J. Delany. This match produced a good battle with the scores level at 7-7 after seven ends but the mid part of the match was where Banham won it with them taking thirteen shots over fourteen ends taking a 10-17 lead after thirteen ends. The closing ends saw Hayley, Brian and Laura on top and with them needing four shots on the last end nearly produced the draw and had Jim Delany's extravagant last bowl not found the gap  could have given them five. On mat 3 B. Barker, J. Jeffery and M. Linsdell drew 15-15 against C. Clarke, K. Girling and J. Williamson. This match produced another good tustle and over the eighteen ends Billie, John and Mark should have really won but John Williamson is a formidable opponent and quite often produced moments of quality to keep Banham in the match. Again the closing ends saw the Wymondham block in control taking three shots on end seventeen saw them lead 15-13. The least end saw Wymondham holding a vulnerable one and with Mark trying to bowl a difficult back wood which went off the mat in heinsight another bowl in the head would have been the better option as it gave Williamson licence to attack which he did so getting a brace. A draw against this triple was still a good result however. On mat 4 R. Steele, M. Fisher and C. Mann beat C. Smith, W. Tribe and B. Francis 22-18. This match was very open in terms of scoring with an average of 2.22 shots being conceded an end. After nine ends the scores were level at 9-9 but a five and four by Wymondham gave them a commanding 18-11 lead but the way the match was going Banham were likely to comeback and they did on end sixteen with a four but the next end three shots gave Roger, Mary and Chris a 22-17 lead going into the last end where just one shot was conceded. No one player was the difference in the match but Roger at lead probably gave Wymondham the edge most ends. This result may not have a huge bearing early on but if more players become unavailable over the course of the season then the club will most definately struggle this season. 
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