REPORTS 2016/17

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Breckland League 2016/17
Breckland Table      Score cards

Banham 2 (55) v Wymondham 8 (70) - 08/03/2017

On mat 1 H. Stratton, B. Saunders and M. Linsdell beat C. Smith, D. Gray and B. Francis 22-14. Although the triple dropped a four on end four and then conceded three braces over ends eight to eleven to trail 9-12. Hayley, Brian and Mark rallied well to pick up a four and two three's towards the end of the match for a healthy win.
On mat 2 P. Saunders, R. Steele and D. Sparham beat C. Clarke, K. Girling and R. Dunning 14-11. This match was nip and tuck with both triples winning nine ends a piece. Most of Banham's winning ends were just singles and having lead 10-11 with three ends remaining, three braces saw Pat, Roger and Deb clinch the match.
On mat 3 I. Lowe, B. Barker and M. Barker lost 8-23 to T. Smith, W. Jessup and J. Delaney. This was a rare heavy defeat but with two singles minded players in the triple it was going to be a tough job away from home. The Banham triple raced into a 1-12 lead after only six ends and although Wymondham had got into the match, the last five ends saw a further eight shots dropped.
On mat 4 M. Fisher, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat V. Hambling, J. Goodey, P. Bertram 26-7. After a slow start a flurry of shots came mid way through the match where a 1,1,3,3,3,3,3,2,2 saw Mary, John and Jon lead 24-4 for a comprehensive win.

Wymondham 10 (113) v Connaught B 0 (38) - 06/03/2017

First session on mat 1 saw M. Fisher, B. Saunders and J. Pye beat A. Rush, S. Barclay and J. Knox 19-11. The match was for struggle for the home triple as Connaught started bright to lead 4-6 after nine ends. Mary struggled throughout the match putting pressure on Brian and Jack who started to come into the match after nine ends. A 3,2,2,1,1,4,2 saw the triple lead 19-6 with two ends remaining which after the first nine ends was somewhat a surprise.
On mat 2 B. Barker, M. Linsdell and C. Mann beat A. Bayes, M. Eades and M. Minshull 33-6. Billie, Mark and Chris all contributed to a fine performance and had it not been for Connaught's skip the score would of been more.
Second session on mat 1 saw R. Steele, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat P. Benefer, G. Benefer and D. Flatt 32-12. A blistering start from Roger, John and Jon saw them lead 21-1 after eight ends and although Connaught won six of the next ten ends the home triple shared the score 11-11 for another good win.
On mat 2 P. Saunders, M. Barker and D. Sparham beat A. Marshall, J. Squires and P. King 29-9. This was another solid win with Pat, Melvyn and Deb not under any real pressure throughout with seven singles and a brace being conceded. A five and four on ends eight and nine put daylight between the teams at 16-4 and a four and three on the last two ends sealed their eighth 10-0 home win.

Forncett 1 (34) v Wymondham 9 (88) - 28/02/2017

First session on mat 1 saw M. Fisher, B. Saunders and M. Barker draw 12-12 against A. Coleman, B. Preece and L. Preece. A sluggish start saw Wymondham trail 4-7 after seven ends but after a few impressive ends from Mary at lead saw them pick up seven shots over six ends which saw them lead 11-8. Mel did not have a great game at skip and relied mostly on Brian at two who had a very steady match at two. Conceding five singles over the remaining seven ends cost Wymondham the win.
On mat 2 B. Barker, M. Linsdell and J. Pye beat T. Ottewell, M. Humphreys and Merv. Bolter 21-11. A dropped four and brace early on saw Wymondham trail 5-7 but the triple soon settled as they picked up a 1,2,4,1,1 to lead 14-7. A change between Martin and Tony for Forncett saw them play better to trail by 15-10 with four ends remaining but Billie and Mark and Jack all played their part in the match to eventually win by eleven shots.
Second session on mat 1 saw R. Steele, D. Sparham and C. Mann beat M. Smail, J. Smail and P. Lock 29-5. Some sloppy opening couple of ends from both triples saw Wymondham hold a slender 5-4 lead. Against Mike Smail and Peter Lock the Wymondham triple were expecting a hard match but both players struggled for consistancy as Roger, Deb and Chris dropped just one more end for a crushing win.
On mat 2 H. Stratton, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat Mary Bolter and R. Humphreys 26-6. With Hayley, John and Jon playing against just two Forncett players made the match slightly easier although Rebecca played well for Forncett managing to convert shots on quite a few ends albeit in vain.

Wymondham 9 (88) v Connaught A 1 (44) - 20/02/2017

First session on mat 1 saw M. Fisher, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat D. Adcock, S. Parsons and R. Harrison 20-11. The home triple got off to a great start leading 9-0 after four ends but then Mary and John both dipped in performance and let Connaught in as they scored on seven of the next eight ends by 10-2 but the Wymondham triple still led 11-10. John started to play better again towards the end giving Jon more oppoutunity at skip and this payed off with them scoring the next five ends by 9-0 again.
On mat 2 R. Steele, M. Linsdell and C. Mann beat Di. Quadling, B. Adcock and O. Secker 30-12. This was yet another solid win for Roger, Mark and Chris who were never under any real pressure as Roger had a fine match at lead for Wymondham. Leading 17-2 after nine ends, a couple of shots went astray which gave the Connaught triple a respectable score but the home side hit back towards the end of the match picking up a 3,5,4 over the last four ends.
Second session on mat 1 saw P. Saunders, M. Barker and D. Sparham drew 14-14 against E. Oatway, B. Oatway and L. Fallows. On reflection this was a match that Wymondham should of won but some unlucky shots played gave Connaught hope. Trailing 10-5 after ten ends, Lee played a good shot at skip to give his triple four shots. A 1,2,2 put pressure on Wymondham with them now trailing 11-14 with just three ends reamining. A tight measure saw a single scored on end sixteen but the last two ends saw good chances for Wymondham but these were not capatalised on with a further two singles scored the game was drawn.
On mat 2 H. Stratton, B. Saunders and J. Pye beat M. Parsons, J. Li-Rocchi and S. Bragg 24-7. Singles were scored by both triples over the first nine ends as the home triple led 5-4. From there Jack at skip started to dictate the match for Wymondham playing some great shots to get maximum results with two fours, two three's and two braces. Had it not been for him Connaught were playing well enough at the front end that on another night they may have got something from the match.

Wymondham 10 (80) v Carleton Rode 0 (41) - 13/02/2017

First session on mat 1 saw H. Stratton, J. Jeffrey and J. Sparham beat M. Taylor, K. Newby and T. Newby 14-9. The visiting triple made a good start to lead 3-1 after four ends but a good spell by Hayley, John and Jon saw them score a 1,2,1,3 to lead 8-3. This prompted Terry to switch places with Karl for the Rode which saw them win three of the next five ends to trail 10-7. The whole match was tight with the three shots on end eight which Wymondham scored being the only highest shot. The closing ends saw the home triple win three of the remaining five ends by 4-2 to seal a hard fought win.
On mat 2 B. Barker, B. Saunders and J. Pye beat J. Davidson, M. Newby and R. Davidson 20-11. This match was slightly more comfortable for Wymondham but they still had to work for it! After trailing 3-4 after five ends Billie, Brian and Jack hit back with a three then four to lead 10-4. Braces on ends nine, ten and twelve further extended their lead to 16-7 with Jack playing well at skip. The match was seen out although Carleton Rode played well.
Second session on mat 1 saw R. Steele, M. Linsdell and C. Mann beat P. Rush, K. Buck and T. Taylor 28-5. This was the only big scoring match of the night where every Wymondham player in the triple was outplaying their opposite number for the majority of the match which reflects in the scoreline.
On mat 2 P. Saunders, M. Barker and D. Sparham beat A. Biddulph, A. Bond and N. Davidson 18-16. After eight ends Pat, Melvyn and Deb were looking good for their 11-4 lead after eight ends but on end ten the scores were level after a suprising six shots were picked up by the Rode in a very loose end by the Wymondham triple. Credit to the Wymondham triple though this did not effect them and went on to win four of the remaining eight ends where three shots picked up on end sixteen aided them to a narrow win against the experinced Neil Davidson who played well.

Wymondham 10 (95) v Harling Unicorns 0 (44) - 06/02/2017

First session on mat 1 saw R. Steele, M. Linsdell and C. Mann beat R. Baker, B. Knappett and D. Braham 32-8. Chris played some good coversion shots early on picking up a four and five on ends one and three to lead 9-1. Daphne battled well at skip for Harling but was up against it most ends, a three on end five was their best end. Roger and Mark played well but were not really troubled for large periods.
On mat 2 P. Saunders, M. Fisher and D. Sparham beat Mo. Tarrant, E. Jones and M. Tarrant 21-13. The Harling triple played well skipped by Mike Tarrant and pushed Wymondham all the way till the final end. Deb played very well at periods when Harling looked to picking up a sizeable scores and a series of braces over ends two to ten saw them lead 11-6. End eleven saw their lead increased further when picking up three shots to lead 14-6 with Pat and Mary having more of an influence. Leading 19-8 with three ends to go, Harling picked up a brace and three to trail 19-13 but a brace for Wymondham saw them over the line to win a hard fought match.
Second session on mat 1 saw B. Barker, B. Saunders and M. Barker beat L. Chilvers, N. Batley and R. Braham 18-14. This was yet another test for Wymondham which they overcame but saw Harling win ten of the eighteen ends and will feel they should have got something out of the match. Ends one and five saw Billie, Brian and Mel pick up two three's to lead 8-2 but Roger Braham played well at skip as they won four of the next five ends picking up six shots but the one dropped end saw Wymondham take five shots as they still held a 14-8 lead. Again Harling won five of the remaining eight ends but only by 4-6 as Wymondham did well to contain Harling to singles and braces.
On mat 2 H. Stratton, J. Jefferey and J. Sparham beat V. Hester, C. Jones and M. Cunningham 24-9. Hayley, John and Jon all contributed to a solid win after leading 16-3 after nine ends. Harling came into the match but the damage was already done.

Wymondham 10 (130) v Shropham 0 (24) - 23/01/2017

First session on mat 1 saw P. Saunders, M. Barker and D. Sparham beat D. Green, D. Brown and R. Broad 29-9. After a slow start Pat, Melvyn and Deb soon built up a big lead picking up two fives on ends four and six to lead 13-1. The Shropham triple did play well scoring two three's, a brace and a single over the match but were up against it.
On mat 2 M. Fisher, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat T. Hewitson, R. Vickers and J. Court 36-2. Jon was in very good form at skip playing some delightful draw shots which the Shropham players were even apprecitaive of. John gave good backup at two and Mary contributed well also. The triple only conceded two singles over the eighteen ends and their biggest end was the first picking up five shots on their way to the biggest win of the night.
Seccond session on mat 1 saw H. Stratton, M. Linsdell and C. Mann beat B. Dawson, M. Godbold and P. Cusack 35-5. The Shropham skip played a very attacking game and and barely had a drawing wood all match but Chris was in good form and after droping a single on the first end then scored a 2,5,4 to lead 11-1 after four ends. Hayley and Mark were not on top form but were rarely troubled and only conceded singles on five ends.
On mat 2 B. Barker, B. Saunders and J. Pye beat A. Cusack, P. Godbold and R. Dawson 30-8. A three and six over the first three ends put the Billie, Brian and Jack in command and although Shropham won four of the first six ends they still trailed 9-5. Six of of the next seven ends won by Wymondham scoring fifteen shots to one propelled them to a 24-6 lead, again Shropham battled but found the Wymondham triple too strong.

Hingham 2 (50) v Wymondham 8 (78) - 16/01/2017

First session on mat 1 saw B. Barker, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat M. Stevens, D. Mykrest and J. Higgs 21-12. A little suprisingly against what looked a decent a Hingham triple skipped by John Higgs, Wymondham stormed into a 14-0 lead in seven ends with a 1,2,1,3,1,4,2. Billie and John played steadily while Jon skipped well. The Hingham triple did eventually come into the match and won the last eleven ends 7-12 scoring eight of them but the damage had been done early.
On mat 2 H. Stratton, M. Fisher and C. Mann beat J. Hunter, M. Hunter and A. Sindle 28-10. Wymondham made a decent start to lead 6-1 after five ends but a couple of loose ends saw the Hingham triple skipped by Andy Sindle take a three and single to trail by just 6-5. But Hayley and Mary started to dominate and gave Chris good chances which he took picking up a three and four to lead 13-5. Another four shots picked up on end twelve pretty much killed the game with Wymondham leading 18-6.
Second session on mat 1 saw R. Steele, B. Saunders and M. Barker beat W. Tweed, G. Tweed and K. Thomas 16-12. There was not much to choose between the two triples with the lead changing regualrly over the course of the match. The match was also tied five times with it being 5-5 after five ends then 6-6 after seven ends, then 9-9 after eleven ends then 10-10 after thirteen ends and 12-12 with two ends remaining. A strong finish by Wymondham saw them take a single and three to win. Roger and Brian played well against a Hingham triple that plays regularly together but Melvyn played some crucial shots and did well after being unable to play recently through ill health.
On mat 2 P. Saunders, M. Linsdell and D. Sparham lost 13-16 to W. Townsend, G. Wilcox and M. White. This was yet another match that was too close to call. Both triples responded to being behind and again the lead was exchanged frequently and with two ends remaining the scores were level at 13-13. But this time Hingham finished the stronger and with their triple consisting of two skips in Gordon Wilcox and Michael White played well with their lead Will Townsend. It was a good contest to watch and Pat, Mark and Deb although lost played a good match.

Harling Griffins 0 (47) v Wymondham 10 (95) - 11/01/2017

First session on mat 1 saw R. Steele, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat I. Smith, H. Hemstock and G. Palframan 25-8. The result shows a comfortable win for Roger, John and Jon but after an 8-1 lead after seven ends was reduced to 9-7 after twelve ends it was far from it. A six picked up on end thirteen after a poor end from Harling gifted the Wymondham triple room to breathe and added a further four shots the next end too giving them a 19-7 lead with just four ends remaining.
On mat 2 H. Stratton, M. Fisher and C. Mann beat V. Smith, G. Cody and M. Elflain 30-8. Hayley, Mary and Chris have performed well together in the past this season away from home and again the form continued with Hayley leading well most ends and Mary giving good support although fluctuating from time to time. The triple flew into a 13-0 lead after six ends as Chris was in dominant form the majority of ends and five shots picked up on end ten saw them increae their lead to 19-5. The Harling skip must be credited for producing some very good shots towards the end but he was up against it.
Second session on mat 1 saw P. Saunders, M. Linsdell and D. Sparham beat J. Jackson, V. Easter and S. Easter 18-15. Pat, Mark and Deb were involved in a tight and entertaining game to watch with the scores close throughout. Four shots picked up by the Wymondham triple on the first end looked to set them on their way but the Harling triple who are very acomplished replied winning the next four ends to lead 4-6. Although the lead was taken back on end seven at 7-6, Harling scored six shots over the next four ends to lead 9-12. But back came Wymondham again and this time they went on scoring run producing good woods picking up a 1,2,1,1,1,3 to lead 18-12 going into the last end. A dropped three was good enough for the win and it was earned for too!
On mat 2 another comeback had to happen as B. Barker, B. Saunders and J. Pye beat C. Newman, J. Hayman and G. Hume 22-16. At the start of the match both triples were getting to grips with the mat but Wymondham were ahead 7-5 after seven ends. Harling then picked up a 3,5,1 over four ends to lead 10-14. Both Wymondham triples in the second half staged a comeback on end twelve and both mats were tied on end thirteen also. This time a 1,3,2,2,3,1 propelled the triple to a 22-14 lead with an end remaining. Brian had played some key shots at two in the match to keep Wymondham in it while Jack performed better as the match wore on.

Wymondham 10 (101) v Hingham 0 (36) - 19/12/2016

First session on mat 1 saw B. Barker, B. Saunders and C. Mann beat J. Hunter, M. Hunter and A. Sindle 25-6. Some missed oppourtunities early on saw by Wymondham saw them trail 2-3 after four ends. End five saw the Hingham triple hold at least three shots with Chris attacking the head somehow forced the jack off the mat and the replayed end saw them take a single. This definately changed the match as it kept Wymondham in the match. After playing poorly early on Chris came into the match as did Billie and Brian and from ends seven to ten saw them pick up a 4,2,2,3 to lead 14-4. Andy Sindle who was skipping for Hingham used to play county bowls for Suffolk and Cambridgeshire and had played well early on but was under pressure most ends and ended up playing at two in a bid to change fortunes but the home triple were still in control and and dropped just five ends.

On mat 2 H. Stratton, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat W. Tweed, G. Tweed and K. Thomas 24-10. The usual partnership for Hingham of Wendy, Graham and Keith started well picking up three shots on the first end but the Hayley, John and Jon quickly settled and won the next five ends picking up a 2,2,3,1,3 to lead 11-3. Apart from dropping a brace and another three on ends twelve and fourteen the home triple were comfortable after the first end.

Second session on mat 1 saw P. Saunders, M. Barker and D. Sparham beat P. Roache, P. Groombridge and J. Higgs 27-8. Pat, Melvyn and Deb made a solid start to lead to lead 6-0 after four ends and five shots picked up on end ten saw them take complete control to lead 17-2. Although the next end saw them drop five shots also, just three ends were scored by the Hingham triple all match and was again another strong showing by the Wymondham block.

On mat 2 R. Steele, M. Linsdell and J. Pye beat C. Powell, J. Roache and M. White 25-12. Another good start saw Roger, Mark and Jack lead 16-2 after nine ends. The Hingham triple were only able to score singles apart from the last ends where they doubled their score with a six. Seven of the eleven ends saw the home triple collect braces and was another solid performance.

Wymondham 10 (140) v Harling Griffins 0 (14) - 13/12/2016

First session on mat 1 saw H. Stratton, B. Saunders and C. Mann beat I. Smith, H. Hemstock and M. Elflain 33-4. A solid start by Hayley, Brian and Chris saw them lead 13-0 after seven ends with the Harling skip playing well to reduce the shot count. Twelve shots picked up from ends nine to twelve put the game out of sight with the score at 25-1 but the remaining six ends were shared with Harling picking up three singles thanks mostly to their skip who did play confidently but was up against it throughout.

On mat 2 M. Fisher, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat B. Murphy, G. Smith and J. Hayman 35-2. Mary had a slow start to the match and did struggle for consistancy but came on well towards the end. John had a good match at two but Jon was called into action early on to keep Harling off the scoresheet with the triple leading 15-0 halfway through the match. A better second period of the match saw them score twenty shots to one. With Colin Hayman still out of action and his wife playing skip made the match tougher for Harling.

Second session on mat 1 saw P. Saunders, M. Barker and D. Sparham beat V. Smith, G. Newman and G. Cody 41-7. Six shots scored on the second end for Pat, Melvyn and Deb did not put Harling off and won four of the opening six ends but still trailed 10-5. The the Wymondham triple then scored a 3,5,1,4,1 to lead 24-5 and although conceding seven shots they had scored two fives and a four towards the end of the match with the scoreline a little harsh on Harling have seen them play fairly well.

On mat 2 R. Seele, M. Linsdell and J. Pye beat G. Hume, V. Easter and S. Easter 31-1. Roger was in very good form all match and with Mark back in action and Jack at skip the Harling triple were up against it but did battle well to only concede an average of 1.7 shots an end. It did take Harling fifteen ends to register their one and only shot but were unlucky on previous occassions not to have done so.

All four triples looked well balanced for the first time this season having had a number of leads playing in two positions and this showed in the result.

Shropham 0 (41) v Wymondham 10 (95) - 08/12/2016

On mat 1 H. Stratton, M. Fisher and C. Mann beat T. Hewitson, R. Fulcher, T. Cullinane 19-12. Hayley and Mary combined well early on and again and gave good backup to Chris to lead 10-2 after six ends and further increased their lead after nine ends to 14-4. The Shropham triple came back into match late on scoring a 1,2,2 to trail by 16-12 but Chris steadied the triple to score a brace and single over the last two ends. A good performance from all three players but lost it towards the end a little.

On mat 2 B. Barker, B. Saunders and J. Pye beat B. Dawson, D. Brown and R. Broad 25-10. Another good start by Wymondham saw Billie, Brian and Jack lead 7-1 after four ends. The Shropham triple played well at times especially their skip who did a lot of damage at times and scored a single and three to trail 7-5, but Wymondham were too strong over the eighteen ends as a three and brace scored on ends seven and eight saw them open up a 12-5 lead and a 1,2,4,4 from ends twelve to fifteen killed the match off as they lead 24-7. All three players played well when needing to and combined well.

On mat 3 R. Steele, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat D. Green, G. Negus and M. Godbold 17-13. This was really the only match that looked in threat as after six ends Shropham lead 3-5. A good spell by Roger, John and Jon saw them pick up a 2,2,1,4,1 to lead 13-5 after eleven ends. Two three's picked up by Shropham put the game in the balance again as they trailed by just two at 11-13 with five ends to play. A brace and a single picked up straight after gave the Wymondham triple a five shot lead which was enough to see the game out as only a further two singles were dropped. Roger and John just about did enough but did rely on Jon to play some good shots at times.

On mat 4 P. Saunders, M. Barker and D. Sparham beat D. Frost, R. Vickers and M. Chapman 34-6. As the scoreline suggests this was a dominant performance from Pat, Melvyn and Deb as they only dropped four ends conceding two brace's and two singles while two five's over the three ends was the pick of the scores for them.

Connaught A 4 (63) v Wymondham 6 (82) - 01/12/2016

H. Stratton, M. Fisher and C. Mann beat D. Quadling, S. Parsons and B. Oatway 25-18. The start of the match saw flurries of shots exchanged which saw the Connaught triple lead 7-8 after seven ends. But then some strong ends by Wymondham saw them pick up a five, four and brace over the next four ends to lead 18-9 after eleven ends. A dropped three on the twelfth end was soon corrected with a four and three as this put the game out of sight for Connaught leading 25-12. Hayley and Mary had played very well up to this point giving Chris good support but did fade towards the end as the triple failed to score on the last four ends but kept the shots down.

I. Lowe, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham lost 13-17 to Di. Quadling, D. Lilies and O. Secker. After trailing 0-3 after two ends the Wymondham triple levelled after seven ends at 5-5 but did not move on and instead fell behind again trailing 5-9 after ten ends but again levelled at 10-10 thirteen ends. Irma did not really have a major impact as lead while John at two had some good woods but did not have enough to give Wymondham the edge. Jon kept the triple in the match and trailed 13-15 going into the last end but a dropped two saw them slip to defeat.
R. Steele, B. Saunders and M. Barker lost 15-21 to E. Oatway, J. Marshall and L. Fallows. The triple made a dreadful start and trailed 0-8 after just three ends. A couple of braces steadied the earlier poor start but two dropped three's put the triple back in danger at 4-16. Elaine, Jack and Lee combined well for Connaught but Roger and Brian were off the boil and gave Melvyn too much work against a strong Connaught triple. Discussions were had between the Wymondham players but after a single picked up on end ten the triple stayed as it was but Connaught were still comfortable. The last two ends the Wymondham triple showed what there capable of as they picked up a three and four to make the scoreline more respectable at 15-21.

P. Saunders, B. Barker and J. Pye beat M. Parsons, J. Li Rocchi and S. Bragg 29-7. While the other triple had a bad start on mat 1 the opposite was happening on mat 2 as Pat, Billie and Jack were all in great form and shot into a 14-1 lead after seven ends. The Connaught triple were being outplayed, with Pat constantly on the jack and Billie playing some good support woods, they made a change to put Joe skip but this made little impact as the Wymondham triple piled on more shots with three three's being scored from ends nine to eleven giving them a lead of 23-2. Mike then went skip for Connaught and this seemed to work to some extent as Connaught scored five shots over four ends but the damage had been done with the shots in Wymondham's favour and a much needed victory to keep the club within touching distance of Carleton Rode and Connaught A at the top of the league.

Wymondham 10 (112) v Forncett 0 (31) - 21/11/2016

M. Fisher, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat M. Boulter, R. Boulter and R. Humphreys 17-10.
I. Lowe, B. Saunders and C. Mann beat A. Coleman, T. Weal and T. Ottewell 29-9.
R. Steele, B. Barker and J. Pye beat M. Smail, L. Preece and P. Lock 39-7.
P. Saunders, H. Stratton and M. Barker beat M. Humphreys, K. Humphreys and Merv. Boulter 27-5.

This was Wymondham's first competitve league match at home and they put Forncett to the sword with some big wins. Picking up maximum points at home will be key if the club are to retain their league title.

Harling Unicorns 2 (51) v Wymondham 8 (73) - 09/11/2016

M. Fisher, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham lost 9-16 to B. Knappett, E. Jones and R. Braham.
P. Saunders, M. George and C. Mann beat Mo. Tarrant, D. Braham and M. Tarrant 27-7.
H. Stratton, B. Barker and J. Pye beat L. Chilvers, N. Batteley and A. Snelling 20-12.
I. Lowe, B. Saunders and M. Barker beat V. Hester, C. Jones and M. Cunningham 17-16.

This was a solid win with two convincing wins, one tight win and a slightly disappointing loss. Harling is never an easy venue to go to but with a couple of key players out was still a good eight points to pick up.

Carleton Rode 10 (91) v Wymondham 0 (42) - 02/11/2016
P. Saunders, R. Steele and C. Mann lost 10-27 to G. Coleman, T. Taylor and R. Davidson.
H. Stratton, A. Jackson and J. Sparham lost 12-20 to M. Taylor, A. Bond and N. Davidson.
M. Fisher, M. Barker and J. Jeffrey lost 10-17 to P. Rush, K. Buck and G. Mobbs
B. Barker, B. Saunders and J. Pye lost 10-27 to J. Davidson, K. Newby and T. Newby 
This was the first time in a long that the club has lost a match 10-0 but the team can have no complaints and were well beaten on the night. All four matches got off to poor start and were made to pay as the home side kept the pressure on throughout. The club is lacking in number two's at present and on slow mats it was difficult for the skips to breakdown heads when little is there. A result like this was due to come but the players in the team are more than capable of putting a run of good results in again. If Carleton Rode however can keep performing like they did against us then they can be real title challengers and this result proves it. 
Wymondham 10 (32) v Banham 0 (0) - 24/10/2016
Apparently Banham were unable to get a team for this match.
Connaught B 0 (31) v Wymondham 10 (89) - 18/10/16
First session on mat 1 saw H. Stratton, R. Steele and C. Mann beat P. Hambling, M. Southgate and S. Barclay 27-4. All three Connaught players had very poor performances on the night which surprised Chris at skip who had very little to do as Hayley and Roger played well. 
On mat 2 P. Saunders, J. Jeffrey and J. Sparham beat M. Eades, M. Minshull and J. Hazell 33-3. Pat, John and Jon were all in good form and gave very little away making lives hard for the Connaught triple who did not get into match. 
Second session on mat 1 saw I. Lowe, M. Fisher and M. Barker beat P. Benefer, R. Taylor and D. Flatt 13-12. This was a hard fought win by the Wymondham triple who trailed 4-7 after seven ends. After that they were more involved in the match and won seven of the last eleven ends to win by one.
On mat 2 B. Barker, B. Saunders and J. Pye beat G. Benefer, J. Winup and P. King 16-12. Again Connaught started the brighter but could not progress as the Wymondham triple went in front after six ends 6-4. Four singles picked up by Connaught from ends thirteen to sixteen saw them take a 9-12 lead with just two ends remaining but a brace and then five saw them snatch victory.
Breckland 5 Pairs 2016/17
Norfolk Challenge Cup 2016/17
Norwich Cup 2016/17
Dennis Moore Competition 2016/17
Summer 16