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Breckland League 2019/20
Hingham 0 (44) v Wymondham 10 (83) - 02/03/2020
The club went to Hingham and dug deep to clinch all ten points. The first three ends of Chris Mann's match saw just him and Roger Steele play due to Owen Cranston's late arrival but saw them 3-0 up. The match from there was tight until the Wymondham triple rattled off the last five ends to win 16-7. Steve Easter, Simon Warnes and Debbie Sparham trailed 5-10 after eight ends but again finished strong picking up two five's to finish 24-14 winners. The second session saw Hayley Osborne, Melvyn Barker and Jack Pye led 15-4 with five ends remaining but were made to sweat as Hingham finished strongly to trail by just one at 16-15 going into the last end but picked up three shots to win 19-5. Billie Barker, John Jeffery and Jon Sparham won 24-8 but like the other two first half match's relied on a strong second half the match performance to win picking up sixteen shots over the last six ends. All four match's provided difficult periods for the triples but it was reassuring to see them all won.
Wymondham 10 (127) v Connaught B 0 (22) - 24/02/2020
Banham 0 (29) v Wymondham 10 (79) - 19/02/2020 
Steve Easter, Melvyn Barker and Owen Cranston won 21-5, David Chadwick, John Jeffery and Jon Sparham won 22-6 and Roger Steele, Andrew Jackson and Chris Mann won 23-10. Billie Barker, Simon Warnes and Debbie Sparham were involved in a tight tusstle against M. Tribe, C. Offer and J. Delaney with the scores level 8-8 at fourteen ends. End fifteen saw the deadlock broken as the Wymondham triple picked up a five just at the right time as this proved the decisive end for the club to pick up all ten points. 
Forncett 2 (39) v Wymondham 8 (69) - 04/02/2020
Wymondham 8 (74) v Connaught A 2 (37) - 03/02/2020
Carleton Rode 4 (42) v Wymondham 6 (69) - 27/01/2020
A good 6-4 win at Carleton Rode was so nearly a maximum win with two of the match's having been lost by one shot. Roger Steele, Owen Cranston and Chris Mann won 22-7 while Billie Barker, John Jeffery and Jon Sparham won 23-9. Hayley Osborne, Melvyn Barker and Jack Pye lost 14-15 and Steve Easter, Simon Warnes and Debbie Sparham lost 11-10.
Wymondham 10 (153) v Shropham 0 (13) - 13/01/2020
Wymondham 8 (120) v Thetford 2 (26) - 06/01/2020
Newcomers Thetford visited North Wymondham Comunity Centre on Monday night and came away with a bonus two points earned by Linda Dixon, Jason Martin and Peter Scarbrough who beat Hayley Osborne, Steve Easter and Melvyn Barker 12-15. Four shots picked up by the Thetford triple on end twelve saw them lead 8-14 and depsite Wymondham winning the next three ends was not enough as skip Peter Scarbrough produced a good last pressure bowl on the last end to give them the win. The other three match's on the night were one sided with wins of 39-3, 36-4 and 33-4 for B. Barker, S. Warnes, D. Sparham; D. Chadwick, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham; R. Steele, O. Cranston and C. Mann. 
Wymondham 8 (67) v Calreton Rode 2 (39) - 23/12/2019
Mary Fisher, John Jeffery and Jon Sparham came from 0-5 down to emerge 18-8 winners against Ann Biddulph, Dave Blundell and Neil Davidson while Billie Barker, Simon Warnes and Debbie Sparham won 20-7 against Jill Davidson, Trish Taylor and Russell Davidson. The second session saw Roger Steele, Steve Easter and Melvyn Barker again came from behind on mat 1 trailing 1-4 to win through 17-11 against Angela Bond, Morris Taylor and John Jarvis. The other match saw a tight affair between Hayley Osborne, Owen Cranston, Chris Mann and Mike Newby, Terry Newby and Karl Newby. The visitng triple made the better start and a poor eighth end saw the home side drop three shots and trailed 2-8. The response saw the home triple win six of the remaining eight ends but saw them come up short by one shot with the last end seeing the home triple narrowly missing out on four shots for the win.
Shropham 0 (23) v Wymondham 10 (99) - 18/12/2019
P. Saunders, S. Warnes and D. Sparham 29-3
R. Steele, S. Easter and M. Barker 23-6
B. Barker, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham 26-7
H. Osborne, B. Saunders and C. Mann 21-7
Thetford 8 (68) v Wymondham 2 (57) - 04/12/2019
On mat 1 R. Steele, S. Easter and M. Barker lost 11-12 to L. Dixon, D. Browne and P. Scarbrough. The match was even throughout but the Wymondham triple had opened up a 9-7 lead after twelve ends but soon lost that having conceded the next three ends to trail 9-12 with an end remaining. A brace was not enough to salvage anything for an under par performance. On mat 2 H. Osborne, D. Chadwick and C. Mann lost 16-18 to S. Colledge, J. Martin and P. Harvey. The visting triple made a great start to lead 10-0 but a change from Thetford saw Jason Martin go skip and this dramatically changed the triples fortunes and saw them pick up eighteen shots over the next ten ends to lead 14-18 with an end remaining. This was a frustrating match that should have been seen out but credit the Thetford triple who put the pressure on and played well after the change. On mat 3 B. Barker, S. Warnes and D. Sparham beat M. Colledge, S. Wissner and P. Rawdanowicz 23-10. This was the only highlight of the night with the Wymondham triple playing well throiughout. Two fives picked up on ends eight and nine gave the triple a comfortable 15-6 lead which they saw out for a solid win. On mat 4 V. Chadwick, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham were well beaten by N. Bevan, C. Suffolk and K. Suffolk. There's little doubt that the Thetford triple were well up for the match and judging on their results so far at home were going to be hard to beat and so it proved with the triple flying into a 0-19 lead after nine ends. After Jon had changed with John this made a difference but was far too late to make a real impact. 
Connaught B 0 (34) v Wymondham 10 (86) - 27/11/2019
H. Osborne, A. Jackson, C. Mann 24-14
M. Fisher, J. Jeffery, J. Sparham 20-9
B. Barker, S. Warnes, D. Sparham 29-1
R. Steele, S. Easter, M. Barker 13-10
Wymondham 10 (122) v Banham 0 (22) - 18/11/2019
H. Osborne, S. Easter, D. Sparham 31-2
M. Fisher, J. Jeffery, J. Sparham 30-6
R. Steele, A. Jackson, M. Barker 30-9
B.Barker, S. Warnes, J. Pye 31-5
Connaught A 6 (55) v Wymondham 4 (56) - 13/11/2019

Both first session match's looked like going Wymondham's way with Pat Saunders, Steve Easter and Debbie Sparham 12-8 up after eleven ends against J. Squire, R. Taylor and B. Oatway. But their lead slipped away in the closing ends and three shots dropped on the last end saw Connaught take the win by one shot at 14-15. The other first session match went in similar fashion and wasn't helped when John Jeffery arrived late meaning the team selction had to be changed, Billie Barker, Andy Jackson and Jon Sparham also had a decent lead at 11-6 after eleven ends but again had a poor end to the match conceding nine shots over five ends to lose 11-15. The second session saw Roger Steele, John Jeffery and Mel Barker also lost 10-17 to D. Liles, S. Parsons and L. Fallows. Ends eight to twelve proved the deciding factor in which they dropped ten shots to trail 7-16. The other mat saw Hayley Osborne, Brian Saunders and Chris Mann having to claw back shots to save a damaging 8-2 defeat.The match started brightly as the Wymondham triple played well to lead 16-2 after nine ends. Their performance from there did dip but with the last ends being played on both mats the overall shots were secured by just one which could prove crucial come the end of the season. 

Wymondham 10 (135) v Forncett 0 (26) - 04/11/2019

Billie Barker, Simon Wanres and Chris Mann recorded the biggest ever win by a Wymondham triple with a 51-5 result. Roger Steele, Andy Jackson and Melvyn Barker completed a great first half as they also recorded a big 37-5 win. Second half saw Hayley Osborne, Steve Easter and Debbie Sparham edge out Mike Smail, Peter Locke and Tony Ottewell 15-12 while Mary Fisher, John Jeffery and Jon Sparham won 32-4. 

Wymondham 10 (94) v Harling Griffins 0 (27) - 28/10/2019

M. Fisher, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham 19-10

H. Osborne, B. Saunders and M. Barker 20-7

B. Barker, R. Steele and C. Mann 15-8

P. Saunders, S. Easter and D. Sparham 40-2

Wymondham 10 (125) v Hingham 0 (27) - 21/10/2019

Wymondham 8 (93) v Harling Unicorns 2 (41) - 30/09/2019

Debbie Sparham started her captaincy against Harling Unicorns who were the first visitors of the Breckland league season and came away with a hard fought two points. Mary Fisher, John Jeffery and Jon Sparham beat G. Messent, K. Messent and D. Braham 27-8. The scoreline did not really reflect the match as Harling produced a spirited performance with their lead more often than not applying early pressure. Jon played well to thwart the Harling danger and on a number of occasions was facing dropping two's and three's but turned the ends around. Five shots on end eight gave Wymondham a 13-3 lead to which they finished the last end with as well. Judging on the Harling triples performance throughout they are unlikely to be beaten by that margin again. On mat 2 Hayley Osborne, Simon Warnes and Debbie Sparham lost 15-18 to L. Chilvers, N. Battley and R. Braham. The Wymondham triple were not "on it" throughout and lacked consistancy which in this match proved not enough in the end much to Harling's good play for the majority. Their lead again was much the better on the night and gave Harling chances throughout. Roger is always a danger at skip and took the majority of his chances. Two slack ends by Harling however gave Wymondham hope as they had led 15-14 with two ends remaining but in the end was not enough with too many loose ends costing the triple. The Harling triple deserved their win on the night. 

Second session saw B. Barker, J. Marshall and C. Mann beat V. Hester, C. Jones and M. Cunningham 22-12. Five shots on end three kept the Harling triple at arms length who played well and caused problems. Luckily enough not enough of the time though and with a more shots added the Wymondham triple ran out comfortable winners in the end. On mat 2 R. Steele, S. Easter and M. Barker beat Mo. Tarrant, J. Kendal and M. Tarrant 29-3. On paper this looked too close to call but Roger, Steve and Mel blew their opponents away with the biggest scoreline of the night by far and restricted the Harling triple to just three singles for a great performance. 



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