SNDC give cause for concern for future of Kett's Park centre hirers

In a meeting last night at the Kett's Park centre users of the centre had an opporunity to ask questions to the South Norfolk District Council after it was decided that they would be taking over the running of the whole site. Originally the SNDC had proposed for an all weather football pitch to put on the site of Kett's Park but quick developments now mean that SNDC will be taking over the running of the whole site including Wymondham Town Youth FC, Wymondham Tennis Club and the Kett's Park Centre from the Wymondham Town Council who were also at the meeting last night. The revelation the SNC were taking over the Kett's Park centre came as a suprise to the chairman of the centre committee who had received a letter from SNC only two weeks ago. Although the proposols from the SNDC for the site is going to no doubt improve facilities the main question that was asked from hall hirers was can they expect a similar deal to what they are getting now and the reply from SNDC was very obscure as they did not want to be drawn into any figures currently even though changes could be expected to happen by this Autumn / Winter although nothing has been confirmed. It was clear that the SNDC first want to get the all weather football pitch put in place first and they are hoping work can start as soon as this Summer. Comments from the SNDC representatives were that the centre would be a satellite to the very successful Leisure centre in town also run by the SNDC and that the centre would also be staffed. This then raised comments from the hall hirers that this would mean business rates of around £5000 would be added to the running of the centre which created more concern as currently the centre is classed as a charity and therefore has no business rates to pay but the SNDC want to dissolve this. The representatives did stress that this takeover will have no bearing on the local tax payer with grants and other use of money will be provided to fund the project. 

It is hoped that most of our members will be at the club this Monday to discuss what we as a club require moving forward with the centre likely to change. All comments and proposols if agreed upon will then be submitted back but members will also need to be aware of how much the club could afford if changes are made in the future, depending what those changes are and if they benefit the club or not.