Title defence starts at Connaught A

The club will be given a stern first test to defend the Breckland league when they visit fierce rivals Connaught A who will be looking to make amends after they lost seven match's last season one more than Harling Unicorns. Before that match the clubs first competitve fixture of the winter season will be at home to Shropham in the first leg of the five pairs at home on Monday 8th October with the first league fixture on Wednesday 10th. The main news that came out of the Sunday's Breckland AGM was the decision to implement a 10 point penalty to any team forfeiting a fixture plus thirty two shots to act as a further deterant to clubs not willing to fulfill their fixtures. The subject of trophies at the presentation night was bought up again and after another unanimous agreement money was the prefeered option over league and cup trophies. Trophies are however still awarded for the Dennis Moore and Keith Banks competitions. It is looking more likely a new rule will be implemented for next season with regards to being able to field a team with just ten players like the South Norfolk league has implemented. But with Forncett's Mike Smail's proposal being very vague it was decided to postpone the proposal to the next committee meeting while amendments were made to cover potential loopholes.