Strong start to season continues

Another solid win in the Breckland league resulted in an 8-2 away win at Harling Unicorns. The first session saw Hayley Osbourne, Melvyn Barker and Chris Mann grind out a 17-10 win against G. Messent, K. Messent and E. Jones. Neither triple took control of the match but the Wymondham triple just about had the upper hand as they won two thirds of the ends. Chris made the difference at skip as the Harling triple had played well to put the pressure on him but just came out short. On mat 2 Billie Barker, John Jeffery and Jon Sparham beat P. Lee, L. Chilvers and N. Battley 25-9. Billie, John and Jon again played well and made a solid start to lead 8-0 after five ends. End twelve proved the final nail in the coffin for the Harling triple as a dropped five gave Wymondham a 16-6 lead and four shots scored on end fifteen sealed their fate. At times Harling had threatened and when they did Jon usually quelled the danger. 

Second session saw Brian Saunders, Steve Easter and Mark Linsdell edge past Mo. Tarrant, J. Kendall and M. Tarrant with a 15-12 win. This was a failry evenly matched game with both triples playing well at times. It was going to be a battle of the skips that was going to decide the outcome and for most it was hard to tell but Harling had held the lead for most of it with Mick Tarrant playing some glorious drawing woods to take shot or cut down. With five ends remaining Harling had led 9-11 but the next four ends proved crucial for Wymondham as Brian, Steve and Mark had stepped up to take a 1,1,3,1 to lead 15-12 with just one end remaining as Mike had missed a couple of chances to give Wymondham the win. On mat 2 Pat Saunders, Jack Marshall and Debbie Sparham went down 7-20 to V. Hester, C. Jones and M. Cunningham. This was a bruising result in the end which snowballed through the triple. Pat did not have her best game at lead and gave Jack and Deb more work then they would have liked. Jack's perfomance was a somewhat new experience at two and will take time to adapt as he struggled to get a foothold in the match. Deb had a lot of work to do at skip and her straight woods did not aid her when trying to play weight. The change in the triple came too late in the match to make a change but the way the match was going it may not have made much difference as Harling were worth their win but maybe not by thirteen shots.