Maximum victory played against nine players again

Just like Banham last week, Shropham visited North Wymondham Community Centre with only nine players and again the match was tinged with dissapointment not to fulfill twelve players to play against. It is bemusing that these clubs can find twelve players when playing other clubs but not against Wymondham. On mat 1 Brian Saunders, Simon Warnes and Jack Pye beat P. Paget, P. Feleckfy and M. Chapman 45-6. In what was a shock first end Shropham picked up five shots but there delight was short lived as Brian, Simon and Jack quickly came into the match and reeled off the next seven ends scoring twenty four shots to lead 24-5. A single on end nine was the only other end Shropham scored on but they had battled well on the difficult mats the venue possesses. On mat 2 Hayley Osbourne, Laura Hawksworth and Chris Mann beat R. Vicars, T. Cursley and D. Green 32-5. The Shropham skip was quick to identify the lines of the match and was soon directing his lead and two well although early on both struggled. D. Green played well and his first wood was on the jack but his performance alone was not enough to win the match but had only trailed 9-3 after eight ends. Hayley, Laura and Chris all played well in parts and produced some moments of real quality which was enough for them to ease to a big win especially in the closing stages accumulating fourteen shots over the last five ends. 

Second session saw Pat Saunders, Steve Easter and Mark Linsdell beat M. Godbold, G. Wilcox and R. Broad 29-8. Just like the other the two matches in the first half Pat, Steve and Mark had too much for the Shropham triple with some big scores coming late on again. Although Gordon Wilcox replaced Richard Broad at skip this made little impact in the end result.