Forncett fight back but to no avail

Forncett's second half performances were looking like they were going to come away from Wymondham with something but again the tenacity from the home team meant the visiting team came away with nothing. The first session saw Billie Barker, John Jeffery and Jon Sparham beat B. Preece, A. Coleman and M. Smail 26-10. Billie, John and Jon started well to lead 11-0 after just four ends and from there managed to keep the Forncett triple at bay despite some periods of good play from the Forncett triple. On mat 2 Roger Steele, Mikey George and Melvyn Barker beat J. Bev, D. Norfolk and L. Preece 27-8. Mikey was making his first appearance of the season due to illness and unavailability of five regualr team players and adapted well. Roger was the standout player of the match and lead well throughout to give Wymondham the advantage as the triple only conceded four of the eighteen ends. Second session saw M. Fisher, L. Hawksworth and C. Mann beat G. Coleman, K. Humphreys and R. Humphreys 26-10. After ten ends the home triple were 4-8 behind and were struggling especaially Chris at skip who could do nothing in the early stages and swapped with Laura trying to change the game and it worked as ends eleven and twelve the home triple picked up a two and five to take the lead at 11-8 after twelve ends. As soon as the Wymomndham triple srarted to put pressure on Forncett the rewards started to show. Mary played well in the later stages and Chris' performance had also improved slightly but it was Laura who held the triple together especially when Forncett threatened the most early on. The last five ends the triple picked up fifteen shots to put a gloss on the result. On mat 2 H. Osborne, S. Easter and J. Marshall beat T. Ottewell, J. Smail and P. Lock 16-13. Hayley, Steve and Jack made a solid start to lead 14-4 after ten ends but the Forncett triple hit back with Tony Ottewell bowling well at lead gave Forncett opportunities and won six of the next seven ends to trail 15-13 with an end remaining. The last end saw Forncett holding four and with Jack facing a tricky attacking shot on the straight hand he managed to hold his nerve, with the room in absolute silence, with the plant springing the jack back to Wymondham's back wood. Peter Lock's last bowl saw him narrowly missing the target giving the home side the win. The match gave a good opportunity to Jack playing at skip and he certainly adapted well to the position and showed he can bowl when under the most pressure at skip.