Club takes good win at battling Forncett

An improving Forncett team pushed Wymondham well but just came up short in the first session match's. On mat 1 Billie Barker, John Jeffery and Jon Sparham beat B. Bradford, K. Humphreys and T. Ottewell 16-11. Two three's were dropped by the Wymondham triple on ends ten and fourteen but did not have disastrous consequences with the triple being 10-2 up and 12-6 up prior. Billie led well throughout and John and Jon provided good support for the win. On mat 2 Pat Saunders, Steve Easter and Debbie Sparham beat A. Coleman, B. Bradford and L. Preece 21-7. Pat, Steve and Deb combined well for what was a comfortable win in the end with just singles conceded throughout the match. Second session on mat 1 saw Roger Steele, Melvyn Barker and Chris Mann beat M. Humphreys, G. Coleman and R. Humphreys 15-13. A series of braces from ends six to nine looked to have got the Wymondham triple on the front foot after having gone 3-5 behind. Roger, Mel and Chris were inconsistent throughout and gave opportunites to Forncett which Rebecca quite often took at skip for Forncett. Three shots picked up by them on end fifteen gave them a 12-11 lead but dropped a three straight after. The last end saw Forncett holding the match win but Chris' last wood managed to take shot for a somewhat hollow victory considering the triple were not at their best. On mat 2 Brian Saunders, Lauren Swann and Mark Linsdell lost 10-16 to J. Smail, M. SMail and P. Lock. The Forncett triple were well worth their victory and limited the Wymondham triple to only scoring singles much to their credit. This match was more a case of good Forncett play rather than poor Wymondham play. Sometimes you just have to applaud your oppostion on a good performance which this was. It must have been something to do with Peter's new bowls!