Winning streak continues in league

It was fortunate that Banham had only managed to put together a team of three triples with the captain looking like he was going to struggle to make the start of the match and in the end did not have to turn up. On mat 1 Billie Barker, John Jeffery and Jon Sparham produced a late rally to beat V. Hamblng, P. Bertram and W. Hoggan 20-14. For most of the match the triple struggled to make head way against a tight Banham triple who led 7-10 up to the thirtenth end. But ends fourteen, fifteen and seventeen saw the match turn on its head with a 2,6 and 5 scored by Wymondham to see them lead 20-11 with an end remaining. On mat 2 Hayley Osborne, Laura Hawksworth and Mlevyn Barker lost 19-23 to C. Smith, K. Girling and B. Francis. Just before the match Laura went and sprained her ankle badly which severly affected her performance at two but fought on valiantly and did produce some moments of magic but ultimately not enough. Five shots picked up on end twelve did see the Wymondham triple trail by just one at 15-16 but dropped three's on ends eleven, thirteen and sixteen proved their downfall as Bill Francis was on form Banham for most of the match and his performance alone was good enough to seal the win. On mat 3 Mary Fisher, Steve Easter and Chris Mann beat C. Offer, J. Delany and J. Williamson 23-10. The scoreline did flatter the Wymondham side as Banham had missed chances throughout but the triple played well enough to deserve the win. Five shots and a brace on ends four and five gave the triple a helathy lead early on which they built on giving the club a good 8-2 win overall.