Summer cup defence starts with 1st leg win at Halvergate

The defence of the summer cup started at Halvergate in the first leg of the tie where the club came out 6-2 winners. The first session however was shared as Neil Davidson, Debbie Sparham and Simon Warnes lost to Kerry Greenacre, Mike Greenacre and Keith Cooke by 10-17. Things looked like they could of got even worse when Steve Easter, Jack Marshall and Chris Mann trailing by 5-12 against Jackie Bridge, Keith Baker and Ray Lamb but some improved play by the triple meant they won five of the last seven ends by 13-2 to turn the game on its head winning 18-14. Second session saw Davidson, Sparham and Warnes come through a tight match against the unchanged triple of Bridge, Baker and Lamb with the triples tied at 9-9 with five ends remaining they picked up eleven shots to win through by 20-11. Laura Hawksworth replaced Steve Easter with Jack Marshall and Chris Mann while Anne Baker replaced Mike Greenacre with Kerry Greenacre and Keith Cooke for Halvergate which saw the Wymondham triple stun Halvergate as they stormed into a 10-0 lead after just three ends. Jack Marshall was much improved from Monday night against Carter and Chris gave little room for Keith for most of the match trying to keep things tight and in the end ran out comfortable 23-8 winners.