First maximum win of season acheived

Halvergate were the visitors to the North Wymondham Community Centre and looked like they would get two points in the first session but couldn't maintain their good start. Kerry Greenacre, Mike Greenacre and Keith Cooke led Roger Steele, Jack Marshall and Chris Mann 3-6 after eight ends but the remaining six of seven ends to lose 13-9 in a tight match. Simon Warnes, Jack Pye and Debbie Sparham beat Jackie Bridge, Keith Baker and Ray Lamb 20-5 and that scoreline was repeated by Laura Hawksworth, Steve Easter and Chris Mann in the second half against the same triple. Both other triples were unchanged as Cooke's triple were outplayed by a mostly in form Pye who time again played the very tricky swingy hand to perfection and gave Cooke a heacache for most of the match. It was a good performance for the triple who won 22-9 and sealed a maximum win.