Breckland 19/20 season declared completed at AGM

At the Breckland AGM it was decided that all league games that had not been played due to Covid 19 be left and the table left as is. Meaning Wymondham finishing champions with Connught A second and Carelton Rode 3rd. The five pairs final was also left unplayed and again was decided not to play menaing both Connaught A and Wymondham split the prize money. 

The coming season 21/22 it was decided to keep the trial of allowing up to three players that had played in the first half to play the second half with other specific rules in place to allow clubs that will be struggling to field 12 players. The Keith Banks triples and Dennis Moore will look to be played this season as long as Hingham has availability. 

The subject of precuations against Covid 19 in venues was also brought up. With current government restrictions lifted altogether the only regulations in place are by some village halls and not necessarily bowls clubs. So it was agreed to have some guidance introduced for the coming season, along side what the ESMBA currently advise.