Club record biggest ever victory in league

Wymondham 10 (140) v Harling Griffins 0 (14) - 12/12/2016

First session on mat 1 saw H. Stratton, B. Saunders and C. Mann beat I. Smith, H. Hemstock and M. Elflain 33-4. A solid start by Hayley, Brian and Chris saw them lead 13-0 after seven ends with the Harling skip playing well to reduce the shot count. Twelve shots picked up from ends nine to twelve put the game out of sight with the score at 25-1 but the remaining six ends were shared with Harling picking up three singles thanks mostly to their skip who did play confidently but was up against it throughout.

On mat 2 M. Fisher, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat B. Murphy, G. Smith and J. Hayman 35-2. Mary had a slow start to the match and did struggle for consistancy but came on well towards the end. John had a good match at two but Jon was called into action early on to keep Harling off the scoresheet with the triple leading 15-0 halfway through the match. A better second period of the match saw them score twenty shots to one. With Colin Hayman still out of action and his wife playing skip made the match tougher for Harling.

Second session on mat 1 saw P. Saunders, M. Barker and D. Sparham beat V. Smith, G. Newman and G. Cody 41-7. Six shots scored on the second end for Pat, Melvyn and Deb did not put Harling off and won four of the opening six ends but still trailed 10-5. The the Wymondham triple then scored a 3,5,1,4,1 to lead 24-5 and although conceding seven shots they had scored two fives and a four towards the end of the match with the scoreline a little harsh on Harling have seen them play fairly well.

On mat 2 R. Seele, M. Linsdell and J. Pye beat G. Hume, V. Easter and S. Easter 31-1. Roger was in very good form all match and with Mark back in action and Jack at skip the Harling triple were up against it but did battle well to only concede an average of 1.7 shots an end. It did take Harling fifteen ends to register their one and only shot but were unlucky on previous occassions not to have done so.

All four triples looked well balanced for the first time this season having had a number of leads playing in two positions and this showed in the result. This was the first time all four mats had passed the thirty shot mark in one match.