Club go top as disappointing scenes spoil match

Wymondham 10 (101) v Hingham 0 (36) - 19/12/2016

First session on mat 1 saw B. Barker, B. Saunders and C. Mann beat J. Hunter, M. Hunter and A. Sindle 25-6. Some missed oppourtunities early on saw by Wymondham saw them trail 2-3 after four ends. End five saw the Hingham triple hold at least three shots with Chris attacking the head somehow forced the jack off the mat and the replayed end saw them take a single. This definately changed the match as it kept Wymondham in the match. After playing poorly early on Chris came into the match as did Billie and Brian and from ends seven to ten saw them pick up a 4,2,2,3 to lead 14-4. Andy Sindle who was skipping for Hingham used to play county bowls for Suffolk and Cambridgeshire and had played well early on but was under pressure most ends and ended up playing at two in a bid to change fortunes but the home triple were still in control and and dropped just five ends.

On mat 2 H. Stratton, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat W. Tweed, G. Tweed and K. Thomas 24-10. The usual partnership for Hingham of Wendy, Graham and Keith started well picking up three shots on the first end but the Hayley, John and Jon quickly settled and won the next five ends picking up a 2,2,3,1,3 to lead 11-3. Apart from dropping a brace and another three on ends twelve and fourteen the home triple were comfortable after the first end.

Second session on mat 1 saw P. Saunders, M. Barker and D. Sparham beat P. Roache, P. Groombridge and J. Higgs 27-8. Pat, Melvyn and Deb made a solid start to lead to lead 6-0 after four ends and five shots picked up on end ten saw them take complete control to lead 17-2. Although the next end saw them drop five shots also, just three ends were scored by the Hingham triple all match and was again another strong showing by the Wymondham block.

On mat 2 R. Steele, M. Linsdell and J. Pye beat C. Powell, J. Roache and M. White 25-12. Another good start saw Roger, Mark and Jack lead 16-2 after nine ends. The Hingham triple were only able to score singles apart from the last ends where they doubled their score with a six. Seven of the eleven ends saw the home triple collect braces and was another solid performance.

This was another pleasing performance from the team with all four mats again winning by solid scorelines. It was a shame that one or two of the Hingham players felt that our players were deliberatley putting them off, which was not the case at all and no player from the club would ever intend to do so, it is not how the club wishes to be portrayed.