Points dropped in first home league match

Last season's home form saw the club only drop one point from other clubs in the division apart from Bob Carter but already this season the club has dropped two points as Deaf Sports collected more valuable points in what has been a good start to their campaign. The first session on mat 1 saw M. Linsdell, D. Sparham and J. Pye beat L. Crowe, L. Cranston and L. Hawksworth 16-14. A sluggish start saw the home triple trail 0-3 after two ends but the next four ends saw them pick up a 2,1,2,2 to lead 7-3. The triple pulled further away after eleven ends to lead 11-6 only for Deaf triple to score four shots and put the Wymondham triple back under pressure with three ends to go. Mark had not performed that well and relied on Deb and Jack but the next two ends had done better to pick up a single and a four of their own to lead 16-10. Another dropped four on the last end did not prove costly as they came out winners by a brace. On mat 2 J. Sparham, J. Jeffery and C. Mann beat G. Amos, C. Coman and R. Amos 27-3. This was a good performance from all three Wymondham players in a convincing victory.

Second session saw all four triples unchanged, on mat 1 J. Sparham, J. Jeffery and C. Mann lost 13-14 to L. Crowe, L. Cranston and L. Hawksworth. The home triple had a poor start and trailed 1-6 after four ends. A change between Jon and John at lead and two made instant impact as they picked up six shots then a single to lead 8-6 after six ends. After that however the Deaf triple responded with a single then three to lead 8-10. Chris was playing well but was finding it more challenging with John and Jon still struggling to get a foothold in the match. End thirteen looked like being the end to clinch it for Deaf Sports when they held at least a brace only for Chris to take the jack off the mat with an accurate firing wood but the replayed end was not much better but managed to take single from it. End fourteen looked like the home side were going to take a brace but Hawksworth just managed to somehow move the jack enough to end up claiming a brace for Deaf leaving the home triple needing at least three shots for a draw going into the last end. A forcing shot was played by Mann to try and get the jack off the mat but ended up ditching it only to hold a brace. On mat 2 M. Linsdell, D. Sparham and J. Pye beat G. Amos, C. Coman and R. Amos 20-8. This was another good win on mat 2 for Wymondham and although Mark was having to play with his non bowling arm, Deb and Jack played well enough to guide the triple to a comprehensive win.