Club battle to secure second straight maximum home win

With Bob Carter looking in ominous form this season the club picked up a much needed maximum home win against Thorpe Marriott to maintain their top two league posititon. The first session saw J. Sparham, J. Jeffery and C. Mann beat M. Hall, S. Turner and J. Jarvis 15-6. Jon, John and Chris played well to lead 5-0 after three ends but Marriott did hit back to win three of the next four ends but could only score singles to trail 6-3. The next four ends however saw Marriott's fighback quelled as a 3,2,1,2 put Wymondham in control at 14-3 with just four ends remaining. The Marriott triple could only score singles over six ends in the match. On mat 2 M. Fisher, M. Linsdell and D. Sparham beat S. Redwood, K. Frost and T. Turner 20-8. Mary, Mark and Deb made an even better start to their match as they opened up a 7-0 lead after three ends. The next four ends saw both triples score three shots to keep their seven shot advantage. Mary, Mark and Deb had all contributed well in the match and finished off strong scoring a 3,4,1 on ends twelve to fourteen to see them comfortably win. 

Second session saw the home triples unchanged with only one change for Marriott which saw T. Redwood replace S. Turner with M. Hall and J. Jarvis as they pushed M. Fisher, M. Linsdell and D. Sparham all the way in their match with the Wymondham triple coming through 13-10. Mary was not as influential in this match as she was her first and had a lot of loose ends. This put a more pressure on Mark at two and although had a decent match still gave Deb a lot to do on some ends to get the triple out of danger. After three ends Marriott lead 2-4 and a mixture of good fortune and good play saw the Wymondham triple take a 3,1,1,1 to lead 8-4. A brace on end nine extended the home triples lead to 10-5 but Marriott were still playing well and with John Jarvis now having more chances claimed three shots on end ten to cut Wymondham's lead to two. The remaining ends saw the Marriott triple well in the match and it took Deb on more than one occasion to save shots and produce shots with singles scored for both triples over the next four ends. The least end saw Deb produce her best bowl of the night drawing shot round a crowd of bowls to end Marriott's hopes of taking any points back with them. Mat two saw J. Sparham, J. Jeffery and C. Mann beat S. Redwood, K. Frost and T. Turner 22-7. Jon, John and Chris again cobined well together to produce their sceond solid win of the night.