League leaders beaten as club goes top

For the first time in many, many years league leaders Bob Carter lost a summer league match 8-0 as the club now top the league by three points with four match's still to go. The first session saw N. Davidson, J. Sparham and C. Mann beat J. Forster, S. Willies and M. Woods 18-9. A steady start saw the home triple lead 5-1 after three ends and then increased their lead further to 9-3 after seven ends. The Carter triple then started to come into the match more and it took a good last wood by Chris to draw second wood when Carter held three/four shots. The next end again saw a wonderful shot played by Chris again who backed himself to play a tight forehand plant which worked for three shots and the next again also saw another three shots scored to lead 15-4 after ten ends. Those three ends took the match away from the Carter triple as Neil, Jon and Chris played well to win by nine shots. On mat 2 M. Linsdell, D. Sparham and J. Pye beat N. Willard, J. Turner and D. Lamb 14-11. The Carter triple played well and made it difficult for Mark, Deb and Jack to establish any momentum in the match. Four ends conceded from four to seven saw them trail 3-6 and a further two braces by Carter put them in control at 5-10 after ten ends. Mark then statred to play tighter at lead and Deb produced good woods at two to start their comeback as a three and single saw them trail 9-10. A single by Carter looked to stem the threat but back came the home side again as three shots on end fourteen saw them lead since the fourth end at 12-11. Mark and Deb produced a better last end and with Jack's two woods also in the head it meant a diificult shot for David to try and get a possible three shots but his wood was wide much to the relief of captain Mark who two ends earlier had taken Jack's toucher out the ditch when it would have added another shot. 

Second session on mat 1 saw M. Linsdell, D. Sparham and J. Pye beat J. Woods, J. Forster and S. Willies 13-7. Mark, Deb and Jack made a stronger start in this match to lead 6-2 after six ends as Carter over this period killed the jack twice. The Carter triple replied with a single then brace to tail 6-5 but an important three ends saw the home side pick up a 3,1,1 to lead 11-5 after eleven ends. Going into the last end and trailing 12-7 the Carter triple sniffed an opportunity as they held three to four shots with Jack to bowl. He kept his composure to draw shot wood and leave Jamie who was now playing skip a near impossible shot which was missed. On mat 2 N. Davidson, J. Sparham and C. Mann beat N. Willard, J. Turner and D. Lamb 14-13. The match started with some loose ends by both triples with the score at 7-6 after just five ends. The Carter triple were still playing well and with Neil, Jon and Chris not quite playing precise enough saw them concede four of the next five ends to trail 7-11. The triple were contemplating a change but having not played bad and with five ends remaining knew they still had a chance to change things. Chris was getting more frustrated with his shots not quite getting the results as David kept pace but a good drag shot however on end thirteen provided three shots and going into the last end only saw them trail 12-13. The opening woods saw Carter's Nigel draw a side toucher and with the shot sitting nicely for Neil's forehand his attack shot saw a perfect connection onto the jack to take into the ditch. With Jon managing to squeeze through and his bowl resting within mm's of the ditch, David found it hard to then get to Jon's second wood with Neil's bowl confirmed shot the triple took the match and again the Carter triple played well but came away with nothing to show for it. 

The result was one of the best in the clubs history but with another tough match at Halvergate to come Thursday this result will prove worthless if the club fail to pick up decent points.