Title hopes rest on final game of season

With just one match now remaining away to Bob Carter the club has already collected one more point than last seasons 74 which was enough to win the league but this season it looks very unlikely with Bob Carter lurking behind them with games in hand for the chance to go top. Last Friday saw a frustrating 5-3 win at Halvergate where one win and three draws saw the team'a title hopes take a setback. The first sesssion saw M. Linsdell, D. Sparham and J. Pye beat K. Greenacre, P. Walker and K. Cooke 17-12. Mark, Deb and Jack made a brilliant start to their match as they raced into a 12-0 lead after just six ends but when Keith made the change from skip to two, the Halvergate triple immediately started to cause more problems with five shots picked up on end seven. But with the score still at 12-5 the lead was maintained even though the home triple scored five of the remaining seven ends. On mat 2 J. Jeffery, J. Sparham and C. Mann drew 14-14 against R. Lamb, S. Lamb and S. Warnes. After making a good start to lead 5-0 sloppy play crept into the triples play, a dropped four on end twelve saw the triple hold a narrow 12-11 lead but another brace dropped on the final end saw them having to be content with a point from what looked a winning position. The second session saw M. Linsdell D. Sparham and J. Pye draw 11-11 against R. Lamb, S. Lamb and S. Warnes. Once again the Halvergate triple started slow to trail 9-3 after seven ends but again dug in to win the last six ends 1-6 for what looked an unlikely draw. It was yet another draw for J. Jeffery, J. Sparham and C. Mann against K. Greenacre, R. Walker and K. Cooke when again they held a lead. Six singles scored over the last eight ends for Halvergate again saw them claim another unlikely point. 

On Monday night Diss managed to take two of the eight points as N. Davidson, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham lost 13-15 to G. Atter, R. Davidson and T. Newby. The home triple only scored five of the fifteen ends and saw Terry Newby in good form and ultimately his performance at skip won Diss the match as a 1,2,2 over the closing ends saw them wi by two shots. On mat 2 M. Linsdell, D. Sparham and J. Pye beat J. Davidson, B. Francis and G. Mobbs 22-5. Mark, Deb and Jack were in good form to produce a big win and saw Diss only scoring on four ends. Scond session saw two solid wins as M. Linsdell, D. Sparham and J. Pye beat A. Biddulph, K. Newby and T. Newby 16-7 while N. Davidson, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham overcame their first session defeat to record a big 28-2 win over G. Coleman, A. Bond and G. Mobbs. 


The next night after having dropped points in the last two match's the club responded by inflicting a painful 8-0 defeat on Thorpe Marriott to keep the pressure on top spot in the league. The first session saw J. Jeffery, J. Sparham and C. Mann beat R. Perkins, V. Perkins and T. Turner 20-11. John was not providing much at lead and having conceded a 1,2,2 and going no were fast Chris already prompted that a change be made and this proved critical as six shots were picked up on the very next as Jon, who had not played bad, was having more impact at lead and now saw John playing better. Now leading 13-5 after eight ends and a further four shots scored on end eleven had put the game out of reach for the Marriott triple who now trailed 17-7 with four ends remaining. On mat 2 M. Linsdell, D. Sparham and J. Pye beat M. Hall, M. Marshall and G. Clarke 19-8. The triple left off from the previous night and again combined well to produce a solid win with two fours scored over the fist seven ends saw the triple take control of the match at 13-4. Second session saw J. Sparham.J. Jeffery and C. Mann beat S. Redwood, K. Frost and S. Turner. With the triple staying the same as it finished the first session match and it did not take too long for them to get going and although trailing 3-5, fifteen shots picked up over the next six ends saw Jon, John and Chris take a commanding 18-7 lead which the Marriott triple never recovered from. On mat 2 M. Linsdell, D. Sparham and J. Pye were involved in a tight match against T. Turner, T. Redwood and J. Jarvis but came through to win 16-13. Trailing 7-9 after nine ends it looked difficult for Mark, Deb and Jack to make a breakthrough but it did come in end eleven when they picked up four shots and a brace on the next end extended their lead to 14-9 and although a dropped three on end thirteen looked to spur the Marriott triple a brace for Wymondham had sealed the match with just a single dropped on the final end.