Club miss out on title by final bowl of match

In what has been a mostly positive summer league campaign the club failed to retain the division one title with the final bowl of the final match proving the final blow. The first session saw great performances from both triples as P. Saunders, D. Sparham and M. Linsdell narrowly went down 10-14. The very first end saw the triple holding three shots only for Gary Best at skip for Bob Carter to take the jack back for four. After ten ends though the Wymondham triple battled back to trail by just one at 8-9. But two braces saw the home side resore their lead at 8-13. End fourteen ultimately proved the decisive end with Gary managing to attack and taking all Carter woods off the mat left Wymondham holding four, Mark failed to add pressure with his wood bending off the mat. Gary yet again under pressure produced the wood needed with him holding second behind the jack. Mark elected to try and play jack or bowl away in an effort to get the shots needed but ended up giving away shot which gave Carter a six shot lead with two ends remaining which they saw out. On mat 2 N. Davidson, J. Sparham and C. Mann beat J. Woods, M. Woods and D. Lamb 14-8. After a roppy start and trailing 1-4 after four ends, Neil and Chris' performance, after they were both recovering from illness, played well and from ends nine to twelve scored four braces to put the match firmly in their favour as they lead 12-6 with three ends remaining which the triple saw through. 

The second session had optimism and felt if both triples played like they had done in the first then there would be a good chance of even victory. But that soon was evapourated on mat 1 as Pat, Mark and Deb went down 4-18 to J. Woods, M. Woods and D. Lamb. A loss of concentration was probably a big factor in this match as the triples first half performance was not matched. David had the beating of Mark at skip at large periods of the match and a change in formation did little impact. On mat 2 Neil, Jon and Chris again had a similar performance and although they trailed 4-7 after seven ends another period of ends eight to twelve saw them pick up six shots to lead 10-7. On the fourtenth end Neil managed to ditch the jack but Gary managed to get second wood for Carter which meant Wymondham went into the final end two shots up. The final end proved difficult with Carter holding shot and also having well positioned woods meant Chris had to try and consolidate but failed to with both woods and it was up to Gary's last bowl to draw the match which he duly did managing to get a brace and with that the league title. 

Over the course of the season however the club can look back at the four points dropped at home to Diss and Deaf Sports as the most damaging to their season with Bob Carter managing to pick up 8-0 results and the 4-4 draw at Kirby Bedon at the start of the season where both games that were lost had been on the last end. Congratulations have to go to Bob Carter for a great summer campaign also as both clubs gave an entertaining end to the summer league.