Poor finish costs maximum points victory

In a disappointing finish the club failed to pick up maximum points in their second away match of the season at Connaught B when all games looked comfortable. The first session started brilliantly with B. Barker, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beating M. Eades, J. Hazell and J. Knox 28-11. Billie, John and Jon cruised into a 14-1 lead after seven ends and although Connaught picked up three braces in succession this was not enough to derail the triple as they responded with a four and five to seal the win. On mat 2 R. Steele, B. Saunders and J. Pye ran home thirty five shots to three in a massive win for the triple. The second session was not as convincing as on mat 1 H. Stratton, M. Linsdell and C. Mann beat P. Benefer, S. Barclay and J. Winup 17-11. If it were not for Hayley's performance at lead early on, this match could of gone either way. Protecting a 14-6 lead after thirteen ends, Connaught's lead then started to play much better and then the pressure was on Mark and Chris but they did just enough to hold off the Connaught triple with John Winup the biggest threat. A brace picked up on end seventeen took the pressure off going into the last end 16-11 up. On mat 2 P. Saunders, M. Barker and D. Sparham drew 16-16 against M. Marlow, J. Squire and D. Flatt. After going 8-0 up after five ends and further increasing their lead 14-3 after twelve ends it seems inconceivable that Pat, Melvyn and Deb managed to drop thirteen shots over the last six ends when before that the Connaught triple had only managed to score three shots over twelve. The last end saw Connaught holding three shots and with their skip drawing in a fourth Deb was under pressure and with both her woods only just getting over the dead line it gave their skip an oppourtunity for five shots which he duly took in what was a massive shock and disappointment to the Wymondham triple.