Second half performances inspire win

A 24-7 win for Harling Unicorns L. Chilvers, N. Battley and R. Braham looked to have given them the upper hand going into the second session with a twelve shot lead after M. Fisher, M. Barker and C. Mann had beaten M. Tarrant, D. Braham and M. Tarrant 15-10 in the first half. But second half wins for B. Barker, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham winning 20-11 against G. Messent, M. Baker and E. Jones and a 24-10 win for I. Lowe, B. Saunders and J. Pye against V. Hester, C. Jones and M. Cunningham saw them through to an 8-2 win. 

Roger Braham was in sparkling form for Harling and backed up well by his lead and second gave R. Steele, L. Hawksworth and D. Sparham problems all game. Having lead 6-3 their lead soon evapourated as the remaining ten ends the home side scored 21 shots without reply. The match saw the Wymondham triple not play badly but in bowls these match's happen. Mary, Melvyn and Chris started well in their match as they lead 10-2 after eight ends but when Harling improved Chris often found himslef having to consolidate as the home side got the score back to witihn three going into the last end. Chris was facing three down but with his last bowl played an accurate split to take a brace to win. 

Second session saw a comeback by Billie, John and Jon who found themselves 2-7 down but rallied well to win six of the next seven ends 14-2 to lead 16-9 as Jon's performance again was solid. Irma, Brian and Jack played the most solidly to record a helathy 24-10 victory with Harling only managing to score on five of the eighteen ends. End nine proved to be the most damaging to Harling as five shots picked up gave Wymondham a 15-4 lead.