Consecutive maximum away wins puts distance at top

The club took another giant stride to acheiving its ninth Breckland league title with a 10-0 win at Hingham. This was the clubs first 10-0 win at Hingham since March 2012 where it beat Hingham "Yellow" in a season that saw Connaught A only lose one match but came runners up. R. Steele, B. Saunders and J. Pye beat W. Tweed, C. Harris and K. Thomas 13-11. It was not a great performance from the Wymondham triple who had Jack to thank for keeping his triple in the hunt as they trailed for most of the second period of the match. Up till end thirteen the away triple only picked up singles but it was enough to only see them trail 7-8. With the score 9-11 going into the last end and with Jack having last wood he needed to produce the bowl of the match to win and he produced it taking out Hingham's bowls to hold four, with all three Hingham players looking dejected thinking they had done enough to win and on another night they probably would have. On mat 2 P. Saunders, M. Linsdell and D. Sparham beat P. Roache, C. Short and J. Higgs 25-9. This was the best result and performance of the night as Hingham could only score singles on six of the seven ends they won. Three fours picked up by Pat, Mark and Deb over the course of the match gave them a healthy win although again the players felt they had struggled somewhat. 

Second session saw B. Barker, J. Jeffery and J. Sparham beat W. Townsend, J. Roache and M. White 24-17. This match had a feel to it not so different to Connaught where the opposition played well and had ends where they looked to seize the initiative but Jon again produced game saving bowls having seen his triple make a disastrous start to trail 0-7 after just two ends. They then won six of the next seven ends to lead 11-8 after nine ends for a great recovery. There were at least two ends in the match where Hingham held five shots and they had picked up that amount on end twelve and followed that up with a brace to see them lead 13-16 with five ends remaining. Jon had taken the jack off three times in the match as the game went past 11pm and the longevity of the match swayed in Wymondham's favour as Billie, John and Jon rallied to see them pick up a 1,3,3,4 over the remaining five ends to see them snatch a high scoring match away from Hingham again. On mat 2 M. Fisher, M. Barker and C. Mann beat C. Powell, G. Wilcox and G. Tweed 20-10. The scoreline shows what looks to be a fairly comfortable win for Wymondham but again they made hard work of it and relied on Hingham missing chances. Having won six of the first seven ends Hingham lead 3-7 with Chris bordering on whether to change positions but having waitied a couple more ends in an eighteen end match proved in the end the right decision albeit lucky at times. Four of the next five ends went in their favour to see them lead 9-8 but simmilar to Jon's match the triple enjoyed their beat spell at the end captalising on good play to see them pick up a 4,5,2 over the last four ends. 

It was evident on another night Hingham should have had maybe four points but the clubs endeavour to fight to the end got them all ten. It was a case of Hingham missing chances and although a lot of the clubs players did not have a great night showed they can still win.