Carter ease through to final after spirited performance from club

The second leg of the Norwich Cup semi final at Bob Carter saw changes from the previous nights first leg with captain Mark Linsdell and Chris Mann now skipping both triples. Pat Saunders, Melvyn Barker and Mark Linsdell recorded a brilliant 14-5 win to give early hope but Billie Barker, Brian Saunders and Chris Mann went down 5-9 to keep Carter on track. The pairs again saw good performances but both returned nothing as Debbie Sparham and Jack Pye lost 3-10 with the scoreline not doing justice to how well the Wymondham duo played while John Jeffery and Jon Sparham just came up short to lose 2-8. The triples returned with Carter now only needing a solitary win and they managed two as Mark Linsdell lost 5-8 and Chris Mann 5-7, even though they won five of the eight ends. The first leg was where the damage had been done but even so just the one win out of six match's at Drayton would not have given Wymondham the best of chances.