Club on verge of record ninth title after another home win

The club picked up it's fifth maximum home win of the season after beating Connaugth B 10-0 at Kett's Park. The first session saw Billie Barker, John Jeffery and Jon Sparham cruise to a 34-4 win while Mary Fisher, Melvyn Barker and Chris Mann added a 24-7 win. The sesond session saw Roger Steele, Brian Saunders and Jack Pye in great form recording a massive 41-7 result as Pat Saunders, Mark Linsdell and Debbie Sparham put in a 25-6 win. The clubs next match at second place Carleton Rode could see the league won if they manage to record an 8-2 win but recent results in this fixture show they may have to wait till next Monday when they play Banham at home.